It's that "The group email chain has been silent all week and everyone's dealing with finals; are we meeting as usual?" time of the semester

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This morning I noticed tool marks on my bike lock that look like they were made by bolt cutters.

I don't know exactly when this happened but I do know that if I were relying on a cable lock I wouldn't have my bike today. Use a U-lock!

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My students are amazing. One sent me her homework without changing the name of the file so it has the name of another student.

My response: please be careful when you cheat.

injury mention 

Today I learned that homemade potato chips are almost, but not quite, good enough to be worth slicing a finger open on a mandolin

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What should I read to understand digital humanities, and find out how a philosopher can contribute and/or benefit from them?

I know that's a broad question.

Boosts appreciated.


A local bar hosted a beer mile at 11am on a Sunday for some reason. This is why I'm drunk at 1pm--but I met some new folks to play board games with, so I rate this as "highly successful"

tfw you spend your Friday evening nervously monitoring a server

Definitely gonna throw another GB on there over the weekend

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Overheard on the bus: “so the meeting’s at 8, if we get there at 8:10... is that academic standard time?”

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Every once in a while, I go to my browser history and tell it to forget Google, Facebook, Twitter and a bunch of other tech companies

And it does

And I'm so jealous

My layover in SLC is now 5 hours

I did not budget enough whiskey money for this

One more semester in the books. Now to try not to immediately start thinking about the next one

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y'all i wanna hear about your year. what's something you did this year (or a list of things) that you're proud of?

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You can’t take pictures in Westminster Abbey, but they don’t stop you from sketching 😃

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Opening someone's data set with Excel is vandalism

So I'm pretty sure complaining into the ether is the only reason I recalled my password.

thanks Mastodon

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