Step 1: Write critical piece about Facebook, discussing how its warping sociality, turning us into commodities, and taking over the Internet.

Step 2: Publish the piece in a big magazine.

Step 3: Post it to one's own Facebook page


BREAKING: Computers Aren't Secure. Could Objects You Own Or Are Near Be Computers? Our In-Depth Reporting Looks Into It

Google no longer indexing decade old articles (that means 2008!)

Time to duck duck go, if you haven't already.

@eduardomorais @cypnk @StuC @brennen I've not quite seen that in UK yet, but I think newer younger generations *are* regaining their interest both in coding and the workshop/craft side of making things (hopefully we can also send gender divisions to dustbin of history at this point!).

It might take 10-20 years though as a "lost generation" means a shortage of *teachers*, although as long as you have the basics some brighter students can teach themselves (and others!)

This is one of the main reasons I switched to LineageOS. I was just getting exhausted of all the "help us learn more about this restaurant/store/whatever" notifications:


“If tea spread to your country by sea, you call it ‘tea’. If by land, you call it chai.

(*This is because the ports of Fujian and Taiwan use the coastal pronunciation ‘te’, whereas Mandarin uses chá.)”


@cypnk yeah. i feel like printers are an unusually clear example of all the ways that the market slowly but irresistibly unsolves a class of solved problems.

The fact that the modern internet isn't as decentralized as it used to be pisses me off.

ban all video-only documentation

Years ago, I was a member of a forum called DSLWebserver
(officially, DSL/Cable Web Server). It was a site dedicated to helping folks run their own web server from their home broadband connection

The forum became defunct, sadly, but I still remember the fun we had chatting about really obscure bugs and playing "is my site up?"

We should play that game more often. Even if it's a single HTML page, there's something very satisfying about hosting your own homepage

Hi! I'm a Digital Media PhD student at the Uni. of Porto. I come from a film&video background but been a teacher for more than a decade, teaching units related to a/v editing at first, later programming (mostly in Processing). My PhD research is precisely on the whys and hows of teaching and learning to code in art and design higher education programmes. I hope to find a great community here!

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