cute date idea 

skip work and just sleep the entire day while cuddling

Here is a baby rock hyrax named either Spud, Gnocchi, or Pierogi thinking about eating a rose

Dumb alcohol joke 

Dieses Bier hat Gerstenmalz?!? Nicht mal heutiges??


I didn't get much done at work this week, but i convinced an aunt, an uncle and my sister that the covid vaccine is good, actually, and i think that's more important

US politics 

Yes, I want him barred from running again

Yes, if he must be remembered, I want him to be thought of only in terms of abject disgraceful failure

But like

He's not the enemy anymore

Biden being a disappointing centrist is

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Under communism cars are illegal so all three doors have goats behind them and you get to pet them all

writing "sci hug" instead because you're so severely touch starved that you're making finger typing errors

@eearroyo1312 @Anke ẞ is for ẞig Gay

(I know what eszett sounds like, indulge me)

2017 brought us some good gay icons, like capital ß and the Babadook

Also, they've been observed to mate with a male and then go back to their partner to lay the egg because monogamy is fake even among penguins

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Non-vegan food 

Can all birds do this? Did we just breed monstrous chickens that lay eggs forever instead of supporting lesbian chickens?

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