I'm a Sagittarius, i don't do well coming back to the places i've left behind

An actual fucking thing I said in an important meeting 

"Yes, we in the western world like to say, 'Be gay, Do crimes,' but we forget that is really hard to BE gay when it is a crime"

Ɛ:0 this is my emoticon for when you're surprised and really raising your eyebrows what does everybody think

Für den Fall dass ihr es noch nicht kennt:

A person called OwlKitty changed the Business Card scene from “American Psycho” to the guys showing each other pictures of their cats on their phones… and it could possibly be the greatest masterpiece ever.

#cats #americanpsycho

Scholar Social is an anagram for:

* solar, also chic
* crass halo coil
* a lass—rich, cool
* oh, a lilac cross
* local ass choir

correct :blobcatreachR:

and this in a nutshell is why latinoamérica, as the saying goes, será el tumulo del neoliberalismo 😌

What if you turn out to be a good parent

And you do everything right and your kids turn up trauma-free

And then you have nothing in common

Gay poly kinky relationships mean that you have to help your partner put on his chastity cage as his sir ordered him too.


schule: ihr bekommt dieses jahr nicht das buch, weil das ist digital und der schulträger kann sich die lizenzen nicht leisten.

this, this is why we need piracy

1999: Hundreds of boys queuing up to go see The Matrix

2021: Hundreds of those same girls queuing up to go see The Matrix

Straights making out in film: Holy, pure, appropriate viewing for all ages, tongue is okay, close-ups too

Gays making out in film: A chaste hand-holding scene is rated R; a peck on the cheek is very risky, may be removed by censors; if it is a gay-film-for-the-sinful or a gay activism film to let the straights say "Oh I'd be one of the good straights", you are permitted one (1) kiss on the mouth lasting no longer than 0.25 seconds

@meena @eearroyo1312 There's also this guy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panthera I thought it was extinct but they've seen it a few times apparently. Not in Balkans but Anatolia and Caucasus, and pretty up north in there.

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