Wishing more group leaders made ther astral charts publicly available so new applicants can calculate if they're a good match

image speculation, genitals anatomy, lewd? 

Oh wait is that a huge erect dick & balls on the person to the right? I thought it was just part of their stomach xD in isolation I'd totally say it's a dick but the placement is uhhhh wrong??

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shitpost: asparagus, economy, colonialism/racism 

M: "KAOS, we need to buy asparagus!"
KAOS: "Why, are the asparagus farmers in trouble?"
M: "Yes, nobody is buying asparagus!"
K: "Yeah, because people have less money now, and they don't need asparagus."
M: "Of course everyone needs asparagus!!"
K: "It's part of our culture!! ..no wait, asparagus is actually from Africa. I think it's East-African, originally."
M: "But we cultivated it!"
K: "Yes, we, uhm, civilized it and made it white and straight..."

We were giving away invasive-species themed temporary tattoos from the DNR at the pride booth and this one was by far the most popular because it is fucking hot/kinky.

In otter news:
I met this guy while I was hiking in the mountains.


:AnxietyOtter: Eating Disorder
:AngerOtter: Erectile dysfunction
:NopeOtter: Ed Sheeran

More rewilding ideas 

Here's the paper version wires.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/

but tl;dr, we should help beavers help us against wildfires

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More rewilding ideas 

Most people never give a damn

Buh these guys? They gave those beavers a dam!


CW: This is going to be a thread about my experiences with miscarriage, physically and mentally, and how miscarriages affected by laws regarding abortions. It will contain details.

How to fix climate change by bringing back mammoths 

Step one: re-introduce hairy elephants in the subarctic steppe

Step two: the new mammoths allow grasslands to take over new-growth forests and increase permafrost

Step three: Ride the mammoths to trample down oil executives and billionaires

Can you imagine looking at a list of ethnic groups of the world and being able to find yours?

Can you imagine knowing what to look for??

Kinda gross 

A very Barcelona thing is that you can go to the beach, first thing in the morning, right after it was cleaned after the festa de Sant Joan, and it will still smell like piss

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