@phessler It makes sense in context. You'd just have to be physically present to hear all the noise the penguins are making. Then a bag piper quickly becomes indistuingeishable.

@Sapphicgiraffic weird truth #9: The avocado evolved to have its seeds spread by giant sloths--and only them. No other animal that would have any interest in eating them in the area was large enough to ingest the avocado's seed, and the seed is protected by a casing that *has* to be damaged (originally, by a giant sloth's digestive system) in order for the seed to germinate. Giant sloths went extinct around 10 000 years ago, and ever since, the avocado has only survived by human cultivation.

Unexpected data sharing via Zoom 

Unexpected data sharing via Zoom 

Getting older, kinda stupid 

congratulations if you are reading this and are alive you survived march

April foods, vegan 

Working from home 

Happy April Foods Day! Post your favorite and beloved recipes using the tag #AprilFoods and remember to @ people if you decide to try out their recipe!

Maybe use a CW as a subject line to advertise key ingredients, special diets, category, to make it easier for people to browse?

April Foods Day is 100% legit and will not contain pranks. We're only fostering community with shared foods and bevs :concha: :tamale: :mate:

i'll probably log off when im like 25. that's too old for me to be using the internet


how do yall like, focus on stuff, because i absolutely cannot right now

Shakira is studying philosophy while she's quarantined 😭😭

Que dios me la bendiga

A long time ago I came to the conclusion that one of the essential elements of being a good person was to consider first and foremost whether I was the one in the wrong.

And I was elected to the US House of Representatives in 2018. I’m simply making sure my constituents get enough trash and ticks to eat.

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Me: ok what if I get up, pluck my eyebrows and shower and exfoliate and shave my legs and put on nice clothes

Also me: what if I lie here and decompose

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