Mushroom kit (potentially gross substrate picture) 

I got a mushroom kit! Those are golden oyster mushroom, I don't think I ever ate some, and I'm quite excited to see how they grow.

Also I'm looking up if there is any way to transfer them to a different substrate once the kit is not growing anymore, because then I would get an infinite supply of tasty mushrooms and that would be great. Also I could maybe probably the original substrate to give to other people :blobcatthinkOwO:

Mushroom kit 

I just read the mycelium will stop producing mushrooms when it ate all the substrate so it should be way lighter, so for the record: the whole kit today is 2.3kg!

Mushroom growing 

I found about all the info I wanted about growing mushrooms, and it turns out it's not that easy to continue reusing the same mycelium over and over again, because it ages and it get contaminated.

But it's still possible, particularly with oyster mushrooms! So I should be able to break the bloc down once it stops producing and use it to inoculate shredded paper I steal from work mixed with fresh tea leaves and stuff like that. It's definitely worth trying!

Mushroom growing 

Collecting spores is also quite easy, but then steps afterwards are not. They need quite sterile conditions to be sure I'm growing the correct thing and not a random mold spore.

But it seems doable in a petri dish or in agar-agar, and I can find the last one easily, so maybe I'll try too.

Mushroom growing (potentially gross substrate picture) 

I was afraid yesterday that I had kept the substrate too wet (didn't have a mister so I was putting maybe too much water) and the surface was getting covered with white mold, but I think it's the mycelium :thinking: There are some pins appearing inside the white fluff so it should be good.

Otherwise, there is definitely something growing on the bottom, and they doubled in side since yesterday :D

Mushroom growing 

If the fuzzy part is mycelium, then it apparently means the air exchange is bad. I also founds yellow and brown droplets, which are mycelium metabolites, and also mean either that the air exchange is bad or the mycelium is fighting contamination.

So I cut away the plastic instead of just having a cross-shaped slit, to improve the airflow. Apparently oyster mushrooms need a lot of fresh air, so hopefully that makes it happy.

Mushroom growing (potentially gross substrate picture) 

15 hours later update: the bottom ones are starting to take their yellow color! Compared to yesterday evening they look less like cotton balls and more like cauliflower.
Also, many more tiny balls appeared on the rest of the surface, notably in the part I was worried about, so I guess it's all good!

(I have a mosquito net on top to keep the annoying tiny flies from my plants away)

Mushroom growing (potentially gross substrate picture) 

They more than doubled in size since yesterday :blobcatcoffee:

Mushroom growing 

The cauliflower structure started to separate into distinct mushrooms yesterday, and they are getting so big now! They have visible stalks and almost take all the surface of the opening in the box.

I'm taking bad quality pictures from my backup feature phone but I have no way of getting them out of the sd card at the moment, so it will probably take a while until I can post them.

Mushroom growing 

Tonight is harvest night! The cap started to turn upwards, so that's supposed to mean it's time.

The whole substrate + mushrooms might have lost about 100g in the growing process, so not as drastic as I thought when I read it gets lighter.

With the mushrooms cut out thought, that's 800g less :blobaww:

Mushroom growing, food 

I'd totally be able to eat all 800g in a couple of days before they go bad, but I wanted to show off and practice social skills, so I just brought a third to my supervisor and prepared another third for my officemate.

Bye mushrooms :chick_cry_happy:

Mushroom growing 

I just realized that my laptop has a sd-card port, so after some fumbling to mount it I got the pictures of the mushrooms!

So here are the ones from January 28-30, starting the day after the cauliflower-looking last picture in the thread.

Mushroom growing 

And he's when I cut them off January 31st!
So it was 7 days between the moment I saw the first fluff-looking hyphal knots (if I'm using the word correctly) and the harvest.


Mushroom growing 


this is amazing

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