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Elementary queer question: Would I be welcome in a gay bar as a straight trans man (who also doesn’t drink lol)? I just want to hang out with more queer people.

Die Verbraucherzentralen schlagen vor, dass #9EuroTicket ab September beizubehalten und für 29 Euro zu verkaufen.
Sicher ist: Den Riesen-Fortschritt eines EINHEITLICHEN, für alle bezahlbaren Tickets darf nicht wieder zürückgedreht werden! Dafür muss es JETZT eine große gesellschaftliche Bewegung geben.

El español es la única lengua ridícula que le volteó las vocales a Ucraína?

That was…a moment.

“Interesting underwear selection. Good though, makes the skin check easier.”

*lightly touches the marks on my chest* “I do hope these were consensual.“

Me, blushing harder than I have in a long time: “Uh…yes.”

“Mmmmmm. These are a little high. You should communicate to him he needs to work on his aim a bit. But it looks like you had fun.”

brain.exe has crashed.

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To anyone who reuses glass jars or bottles, whether for preserving, crafting or anything else:

Is the removal of labels stuck with non-water-based glue a significant demotivating factor?

(Boosts and comments welcome)

Spain could be selling bottled individual portions of horchata everywhere but they choose to live in the past

After the French Revolution, saints' days were replaced with days honoring important items in rural French life.

June 21 was the day to honor the onion.

Science: Academia is fucked up, nobody wants to do a postdoc anymore

Me, an idiot: is now the easiest time to land a postdoc position??

>As professors struggle to recruit postdocs, calls for structural change in academia intensify

The term calque is a loanword from the French noun calque, while the word loanword is a calque of the German noun Lehnwort.

Father's Day mention 

~ Talking to a straight dude with kids on Father's Day ~

Actually, more people called *me* "daddy" this year than you, so really it's kind of homophobic that you—hey where are you going?

:SurprisedOtter: Wishing your daddy a happy father's day
:AngerOtter: Wishing your father a happy father's day

Do you enjoy staying indoors during July and August?

Are you looking for something better than bingewatching streaming video?

Do you have something interesting you learned to share with the world? Why not share it at 2022?

It's a multidisciplinary online conference, with organisers/moderators based across time zones, and trying to be as accessible as possible (except to bigots).

We are looking for presenters from 25th July to August 6th. Sign up here:

I’ve said it before but moms can be dads too, it’s a name your kid gives you

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Happy Father’s Day to they/she/xe dads and all others—dad is not gendered, dad is what your kid calls you

Not thinking about homoterrorism 

I'm still shocked by the lack of research going into those drugs that literally turn mice gay

A speculative non-lethal chemical weapon that could be dropped on enemy troops to cause "homosexual behaviour". Not to be confused with the fag bomb.

Infinite growth

Is a thing

That is only good for you

If you're cancer

lol science 

"We analyzed all articles from 333 #OpenAccess journals published during January 2019 by BioMed Central… The most frequent DAS category (42%) indicated that the datasets are available on reasonable request. Among 1792 manuscripts in which DAS indicated that authors are willing to share their data, 1670 (93%) authors either did not respond or declined to share their data with us. Among 254 (14%) of 1792 authors who responded to our query for data sharing, only 122 (6.8%) provided the requested data."

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