wondering why 's P3303 does not have require qualifiers to specify who the provider is of the 3rd-party formatter URL...

vacancy: Scientific programmer supporting COVID-19 WikiPathways project 

We are looking for a scientific programmer interested in joining the fight against COVID-19 and supporting us within the project “WikiPathways as a platform for COVID-19 pathway models” recently granted by the Dutch ZonMw funds. More info here: academictransfer.com/en/293838

PS, I check the guidelines, and could not find that posting vacancies is not okay. If so, just let me know.

today, our Editorial got online where we start a pilot in the Journal of Cheminformatics on the use of the Citation Typing Ontology (CiTO). Read more here: jcheminf.biomedcentral.com/art

hi followers. For too many months my GitHub/IFTTT/Todoist integration has been broken, and it matters to me.

Does anyone know a DYI solution for getting new GitHub tickets (and ideally GitLab too) into my Todoist?

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last week, I give a presentation about data citations. My ambition is that all future governmental policies use data citations. Here are my slides to disseminate DataCite results a bit: zenodo.org/record/3648169

How do/did you access academic text books during university? 📖

We're going to roll out icons for our anti-features soon. Here's a preview, what do you think?

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