ha, finally! now I can validate some of the physicochemical propoerties of that 1.3M chemicals in @wikidata :)

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what a day... so happy to have a few weeks of... on the first day of sabbatical, my coding gave: XOM 1.3.7-based Euclid and CMLXOM release and Bacting 0.0.30 with a brand new QUDT manager for unit conversion! Also available in Python via pybacting:

quantity = qudt.newQuantity(1.0, "m")
converted = qudt.convertTo(quantity, "cm");

[#git tip] to make readable diff on odt files:

sudo apt-get install odt2txt
echo '
[diff "odt"]
textconv = odt2txt
binary = true
' >> ~/.gitconfig

Do you already know Masakhane?
A grassroots Natural Language Processing (NLP) community for Africa, by Africans.

They have build a first translation system from English into six African languages. translate.masakhane.io

O.K., brits. I got word back from New Zealand's negotiators of the UK-NZ free trade agreement on my opposition to copyright extensions.

Apparantly "The Agreement in Principle confirms changes to some aspects of New Zealand’s copyright law will be required." I need your opposition too!

Seriously! How are we supposed to reel these unjust copyright laws back? If we can't halt copyright term extensions, how are we supposed to revoke anticircumvention laws!?

The Wikibase Stakeholder Group is now represented on the Fediverse: @wbstakeholders

@egonw Thanks for your interest. The link explaining @TranslateScience is here: blog.translatescience.org/laun

A blog post on the translation switchboard itself is almost ready.

I worry that the amount of hate the far-right spreads about science makes scientists think they are not respected and trusted by the public.

Social media is really bad for quorum sensing. We have representative polls for that.

So nice to see the results of the survey “European citizens’ knowledge and attitudes towards #science and #technology”. europa.eu/eurobarometer/survey

Results seem fair. 86% respondents think the overall influence of science and technology on society is positive.

Ed Hawkins (on the bird site), famous for inventing the climate stripes:
"Today we relaunch #WeatherRescue!

Millions of pages of ship logbooks are full of detailed weather observations which have never been digitised.

Transcribing this data will improve our knowledge of how the climate has changed. Do you have some time to help?"


#ClimateChange #climate #ClimateScience #CitizenScience #EdHawkins #DataRescue #DARE #HistoricalClimateData

@VictorVenema, you mentioned this weekend that translation project. What was the link again/

new: "Investigating the Molecular Processes behind the Cell-Specific Toxicity Response to Titanium Dioxide Nanobelts" chem-bla-ics.blogspot.com/2021

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