"Semantic Annotation for Tabular Data", using knowledge graphs like #DBPedia and #Wikidata.

(Khurana and Galhotra, 2020)


So if we use the hashtag #rC3two for questions on Channel Two of #rc3, the conference of the Chaos Computer Club, how do we know it reaches the moderators? Mastodon is not a central system.

The fireside chat of @pluralistic coming up. The Mastodon-famous Anti-Monopoly warrior.

"Market power monopoly" + "author monopoly" = "scientific publishing"

The publisher Elsevier makes 30 to 50% profits year after year.

The market power of the scientific publishers stems from the influence on scientific careers. So I am building a system to independently determine what are good scientific articles. It will not give me the monopoly profits, but better science. @GrassrootsReview

Are there ways communities could break other monopolies? "We have people." #rC3Two

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Vote now and make F-Droid a high priority for FSF - your feedback is needed by January 8th:


i wonder if there is a tool that can tell me the complexity (ideally in terms of shannon entropy or something like that) of an item over time? I like to measure the growth of information in that entry, particular linkedness.

big #openscience news was that Elsevier (late) signed DORA *and* will support #opencitations! Of course, the American Chemical Society does not support open citations yet. My petition is two years old, but gained more signatures today 

Here's the Change.org page to ask the ACS to also start supporting open citations: change.org/p/asking-the-americ

new paper: "Can an InChI for Nano Address the Need for a Simplified Representation of Complex Nanomaterials across Experimental and Nanoinformatics Studies?" mdpi.com/2079-4991/10/12/2493

Sooo this corona warn app seems to work without play service code now, thanks to @larma ! 🎉

Currently you'll have to self-build and it only works in debug mode, but it seems to work.

WiP build instructions here: gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp/-/issues

[#git master/main aliases update]

alias gpom="git push origin master"


alias gpom="git push origin master 2> /dev/null || git push origin main"

so that if no `master` branch exists in the present repo, is retries with `main` instead

A new coalition will work on preserving articles in small-scale, APC-free, Open Access journals. Partners are: DOAJ, the CLOCKSS Archive, Internet Archive, Keepers Registry/ISSN International Centre and Public Knowledge Project (PKP)

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