@egonw Researchers need more ways to discuss old, inconclusive, and/or negative results. We get distracted by New! New! (just like in marketing). Go and talk about those old results, or what happened so that you don't have new stuff, or what you're thinking about doing next...

Never really realized that... But I have to say I get pretty stressed from the idea of showing up at a conference for a talk with no new results... Do more people have that? Plenty of talks I see only contain old stuff, so those people do not this issue?

interesting... well, I don't want to normalize the use of spreadsheets... I think that is why I try to do stuff without spreadsheets... I'll remember your pointers the next time, thanks!

doing some automated data clean up of Excel data, to create RDF Turtle... of course, now have to make the obligatory date to range backconversion, "03-Oct" -> "3-10" ... *sigh*

/me ponders: too much work left to finish before the Monday starts again... :(

Having a profitable time with citationgecko.com this afternoon. Put in one or more "seed papers" and start working through the citation network.

Found via workshop-oc.github.io/ (thanks @egonw)

Using Kopernio to check for full text (OA and at my library) and Zotero to collect citations and full text.

Done! And towards W3C HCLS Data set Community Profile too! Patches Tonite.

OK, I was not reading any bundle information yet... let's try to fix that first then... took me some time to get back in the code, tho :/

ok, continuing to work on RDF expert of data from the eNanoMapper database...

If I see you in my follower list I'll be less inclined to reject your paper. That's just how objective a grumpy reviewer I am.

and the fixing just continues :)

Hey, I might even manage that long awaited version 5 of the ontology :)

loading worked well, and I managed to fix one issue...

when back home I have enough bandwidth to reload the development version of the ENM ontology, to see what problems are left...

and I can now continue with checking the source of those dangling entities in the ENM ontology...

blah... was struggling with the ENM ontology for too long this morning... semanticscience.org was down... does not happen often, but turned on GitHub Pages now, and use that for ontology IRIs and for owl:import's...

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