two new papers appeared online, around FAIR data, in a new MIT-press journal Data Intelligence, one about FAIR data in chemistry ( and the other about furthering the FAIR principles ( Thx to Annika and Simon for their work to pull these two papers together!

I attended two meeting last week, both about : first the Beilstein Open Science symposium, followed by the Google Summer of Code Summit. Great meetings!

Happy fediversary,!

We've been around for 2 years as of today!

I've also done a standup presentation about @wikidata and Scholia last week at the meeting (but nothing you cannot see by just going to

I've also blogged today about the history of the term Open Science (a first in what probably will end up as a short series):

I've been a bit quite here... been busy. E.g. with two presentations about FAIR data in the nanomaterial field:

2019 March Journal Club 

Just released: #OpenRefine 3.2 beta, with new #clustering methods and copying of #Wikidata references in schemas. Many other bug fixes too! Get yours now:

a quick update on our #openscience feedback on #plan_S 

a quick update on our #openscience feedback on #plan_S 

If you find Open Science more important than Open Access, then read this:

Fwd: "Plan S and the Open Science Community"

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