@egonw spokesman commented: 'If you think that information should be free: go to Wikipedia.' 😒

@jorge yes, utter disrespect for a sounds knowledge dissemination process... once more, Elsevier appears to show to have lost the idea of what knowledge dissemination actually is...

@egonw you registered an account at scholar.social, a Mastodon server. While the concept is similar to Twitter, there are many servers (also called "instances") instead of a single centralised service, so the global system works more or less like email providers through a federation protocol (hence "fediverse"). Obviously you can follow people from other instances (like me).

@steko so, I also have this account: @egonw@mastodon.social... should I close one down? how can I get post on one automatically posted on the other? (maybe expect replies?)

@steko @egonw the fediverse also is bigger than just mastodon, it includes everything that uses activitypub. Pixelfed, pleroma and peertube being some examples.

@egonw wow, the UK actually signed it (but then we must be very careful over here that Elsevier and others don't try to lobby/bribe to have this decision reversed after Brexit, especially if other consequences of this hurt higher education funding)

@vfrmedia @egonw elsevier makes my bloodboil. It is such an unethical way to make money.

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