I did more curation in the past weeks. it has something rewarding.

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@egonw how does WikiPathways compare/relate to eg KEGG, BioCyc?

@nikostr depends on how you compare. One strength of WikiPathways is the community aspect, another the diversity in integrations, a third the license. Where possible, we collaborate. We're soon releasing our new platform, making it better, faster. Content wise, the most recent comparison is a bit dated, but check the one but last article, I think

@nikostr KEGG and BioCyc do not have the most interoperable license. That makes reusing and integration of that content harder. But both are content wise very important sources still

@nikostr but there are also a few papers making direct comparison, like, and several tools that integrate more than one. the latter is wise anyway, as content has been found to complementary

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