I can use some crowdsourcing help from people (chemists particularly) interested in #wikidata: 

Wikidata has an external ID for the NMRShiftDB but the database is not CCZero so that I cannot automate adding the NMRShiftDB molecule IDs to Wikidata... but we can do this by hand. DuckDuckGo has a nice list:


Step 1: open one of the search hits 1/


I can use some crowdsourcing help 2/ 

Step 2: lookup the "molNumber" from the URL, e.g. molNumber/10016819
Step 3: look for the wikidata link under "Additional information" and click it
Step 4: add the molNumber (e.g. 10016819) to Wikidata with the property P9405, e.g. as in wikidata.org/wiki/Q81986394#P9

Just one or two is fine! But the more the merrier!

Thank! 2/2

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