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Hello, Scholars (& Friends!)

My undergrad degree was in philosophy and I passed the bar exam in 2012 (oof) so now I teach (yay). My interests are broad and varied; I enjoy reading academic papers on random topics like feudalism and the role of priestesses in ancient Rome.

I'm working on an epic fantasy novel inspired by the environmental crises in northeast Africa, but I won't talk much about the writing process nearly as often as I'll squee about obscure research dives.

Are there any good serialized audio feeds/podcasts about free software or related topics that highlight the voices and perspectives of women, people of color, queer, disabled, and/or neurodivergent people etc.?

I'm tired of my options being Linux for Men who make "triggered" jokes, and women who talk about the proprietary/business world.

"When I asked the man behind the system [...] how the students in these classes feel about being watched, he admitted that they didn’t like it. They felt violated and surveilled, he said, but he shrugged off any implication that it was his fault."

Since a lot of people seem to not know:

Boycott: A call for consumers to cease purchase or use of a product or brand until a demand is met.

Walkout: A one day action where all of the workers at a company, during the day, suddenly all stop working and walk out to rally

Strike: A prolonged action where all of the workers at a company cease working until a demand is met. Which often involves...

Picket lines: When striking workers stand outside a business rallying and urging for a boycott

Grumbly about unpaid labour in my field 

And now I've drawn up a cover on Wattpad and written a few paragraphs. Kobolds in Space is becoming a thing. May Tiamat have mercy on my soul.

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Watching a “language” develop when kids can’t speak to each other

An interesting article about an experiment in language evolution, by @cathleenogrady for @ArsScience #linguistics

ancient history, birth of civilisation, feminism, mythology 

Attending a highly interdisciplinary conference only 2 hours away with a mix of academic & community practitioners. The moderators have not contacted me & the chair has not answered my question about presentation logistics or getting the moderator's info. I come from a field that usually uses basic PPT slide decks for conference talks. My topic is highly technical but also very interesting to a broad audience if presented well (which I am capable of). Reader, what would you do in my situation?

Am currently looking into what commonalities different plains cultures share, particularly plains cultures that have historically had access to domesticated horses and were separate from nearby river valley cultures.

The Huns are an obvious starting point, but were there any warm-weather cultures? Most of what I'm finding is ~Russia and the American plains, but I'd like to look at more regions.

Have you ever thought about folk songs in fantasy worlds?

Preindustrial types sing a LOT. Shanties and hollers pace your work but without the coherent storytelling of ballads or protest songs, they get convoluted. F’rex “Black Betty” popularized by Ram Jam might be about a police wagon, a whip, a musket, a prostitute, all the above. Or “Haul Away Joe” probably existed for decades before adding a lyric about the French Revolution.

I'm using metadata to outline for the first time. Been fussing w/ the new features as part of for
-- now if only I could figure out keywords.

Anybody know if they're working right in the beta? Project keywords are fine but for scenes... I can't get them to indent or color-code or anything. Does anybody use Scrivener? Does anybody know if it's just a beta glitch?

I'm trying to get a sense of scale / distance for a fantasy map. From about how far away (in good weather) are mountains visible?

From what I can tell, Mesopotamia and Britain are about the same size. If there were steep mountains in Scotland, would you be able to see them in good weather? From London? York?

Dear authors,

Please stop using both ω and w in your equations.

People tired of squinting at papers trying to figure out which is which

Does anyone know which of the Roman Legions were involved in either the Battle of Marcianople or the mess at Adrianople? My Google-fu has failed me and I'm trying to figure it out for a book I'm working on. Knowing which legions Flavius Lupicinus specifically was responsible for would also help.


So I'm sure you're all familiar with the UN projection of the Earth that puts the Arctic at the center and shows all the land, but let me present to you the inverse of that, the Spilhaus projection, which centers the map on Antarctica and shows the world's ocean as the single, continuous mass of water that it is.

Why is it so hard to find unlined post-it or sticky notes that are between 4" and 5" in width for taking notes this is driving me insane.

3"x3" are too small for what I'm doing but all of the 4"x4" post-its I can find are lined and I don't want lines.


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