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Hello, Scholars (& Friends!)

My undergrad degree was in philosophy and I passed the bar exam in 2012 (oof) so now I teach (yay). My interests are broad and varied; I enjoy reading academic papers on random topics like feudalism and the role of priestesses in ancient Rome.

I'm working on an epic fantasy novel inspired by the environmental crises in northeast Africa, but I won't talk much about the writing process nearly as often as I'll squee about obscure research dives.

Hmm... thinking on it, I can't help but notice a coincidence: the rise of professional drama in England immediately preceded the beginning of the Enclosure Acts; I'm curious how the enclosing of the commons affected English (and by extension early Anglo-American) theater...

broke: quickly reading up on a new interest via Wikipedia

woke: quickly reading up on a new interest via Oxford Very Short Introductions

bespoke: quickly reading up on a new interest via the Congressional Research Service

Cold, tired, and sick, so of course the district superintendent wants to do a walk-through of my most difficult class this afternoon.

I'm trying to organize several pages of handwritten braindump style notes into a coherent novel chapter and boy howdy did I start this too late in the day to actually accomplish anything.

So I'm reading Tyrants of Syracuse by Jeff Champion and honestly it's so interesting but I do not trust his judgement at all. Most of my annotations so far are irritated rebuttals to his overconfident phrasings and petty asides.

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Um... okay, I the to bother here, especially after basically being silent for the better part of a year, but I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for good books/comics/games/what have you with transgender or nonbinary protagonists, or that otherwise focused on gender issues? Too be honest I've been trying to find some but its been disappointingly difficult to do so.

tho i have to say one of my fav "people is people" moments of reaching out through history


these little clay dogs found in nineveh

buried as charms under a palace

each of them carved so lovingly, by a person that knows dogs, and looking like dogs that you can probably go find today looking the exact same

each of them inscribed with the quality of a good guard dog that people still prize today in good guard dogs

Loud is his bark!
Biter of his foe!

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A mermaid and a dragon fell in love, bonding over their love of gold and human fear.

Together they raised a spirited daughter - swift, keen minded; strong, able to breathe blue flames; with lovely dark hair & skin, and ruby scales on her long supple tail.

When she was old enough they asked, "Dear one, what future do you seek for yourself?"

"I want to be an actuary," she replied without pause.

Though befuddled, they supported her.

#tootfic #microfiction #writing #fantasy #terylstales #mermay

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I need suggestions for super gay plants for my yard! If it's a plant that looks/sounds/acts incredibly queer, I want to know about it.

Bonus points for PNW natives & species not on the WA noxious plants list (or I'd surround myself with Buddleia davidii 'Bicolor')

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I need a quick cultural check, but am unemployed and so broke I can't afford groceries, much less a diversity consultant. Can someone who knows something about Zulu culture please help me out so I can get a $1.99 PDF onto DTRPG and maybe pay a bill? All I need is to know if Zakhele Manqoba Khumalo is a plausible name for an 1880s era Zulu man, and the title Udokotela to indicate he's a doctor or biologist. #ttrpg #zulu #rpg #amwriting

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Honestly "sanction" may be my least favorite word in the English language right now, because trying to teach it to children is so confusing. Is sanctioning a country's actions good or bad?

sanction (noun)

1. a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.
2. official permission or approval for an action.

seriously how did we let this happen?

why would you ever use [consumer oriented service] when [service that requires vastly more technical knowledge to use] exists

The developer for the Library Extension project just asked me which screen readers would be best to test the extension with so he can add functionality, but I don't have enough background knowledge of them (or programming) to have that answer. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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