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Hello, Scholars (& Friends!)

My undergrad degree was in philosophy and I passed the bar exam in 2012 (oof) so now I teach (yay). My interests are broad and varied; I enjoy reading academic papers on random topics like feudalism and the role of priestesses in ancient Rome.

I'm working on an epic fantasy novel inspired by the environmental crises in northeast Africa, but I won't talk much about the writing process nearly as often as I'll squee about obscure research dives.

One of my blueberry bushes has developed yellowish leaves with brownish spots. No idea what caused it (weird soil doesn't seem likely, it's the same soil a couple of feet over and that bush is fine...)

Oh well. Time to prune!

squatters vs. owners on the Internet 

Crap. My parents are coming over in like an hour to help me with a couple of trivial household tasks (my front door keyless number pad entry thing needs to be reprogrammed; it came with the house and we don't know the number) and I have not showered, am barely dressed, and my house is messy.

My mom isn't precisely judgmental but she does have feelings about a properly clean house, soooooo...

writing is going to have to wait a bit!

#ai #dystopia snark 

#ai #dystopia snark 

Whoever came up with the idea for reactive armor on tanks is pretty ballsy.

"I know! Let's put explosives inside our tank to help counteract people shooting us!"

Like, can you imagine wearing dynamite as body armor?

Not sure if you'd like my Robin Hood in Space story? Download a free sample here:

Of the 10 mainstream science fiction and fantasy novels I just recommended to my husband, exactly zero were available from our library in audiobook format.

No wonder Audible makes so much money :/

Still riding the wave of productivity. I just finished writing a 500 word summary of THE GENOCIDE DRAFT so I don't forget where I'm going with it and can hopefully sustain a reasonable writing pace.

I just submitted it to the too, which is exciting. Here's the logline in the format they require, if anyone is curious:

Demetrius, a genetically engineered supersoldier, must overcome tyrannical leadership and survive a virgin planet in order to stop a genocide triggered by luddite rebels.

Feeling pretty proud of myself. I'm on day 2 of my 4tw streak and re-read what I'd written so far of my serial novel THE GENOCIDE DRAFT so I could create a glossary & cast list which I just posted up to wattpad. No idea if anyone is going to read it, but I'm glad I'm writing again. The story isn't perfect, but I do actually think it's pretty engaging, which I'm proud of.

food, depression 

The intersection of economics, science-for-the-sake-of-it, and people having enough food to survive and thrive is pretty interesting.

The fact that the scientist in this article was female and worked for free (!) because the university refused to pay married scientists adds a certain feminist bent to the reading as well. I'm super glad the Japanese nori farmers honored her for her vital work and continue to do so.

Highly recommend:

Do I have 700 more words in me today?

Let's find out.

Once upon a time I made a really comprehensive spreadsheet for 4TheWords and now I can't find it ANYWHERE and honestly I am kind of distraught. Not so much that I don't have it anymore that I can't FIND it. It feels like going mad :(

Man, has really changed since the last time I used it. I hope it still feels like gamified writing once I figure it out (:

Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

Looking for a recommendation of a book, thriller, mystery or fantasy, where the protagonist is an investigator who gets stuck with a bodyguard. Thanks!

You're training to be a warrior, a knight for the royal army, but one day you get hit by a runaway carriage, and you wake up in a strange, magic-less, modern world full of technology. With no way to get home and no use for a swordsman in this world, you have to find a way to fit in.
#writingprompts #writing

Show of hands, who thinks that doing Pavlov's experiments but revamped for use with plants wouldn't yield any results that indicate that plants can memorize things?

Well guess what. It turns out... it looks like some plants can remember things.

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