Hello, Scholars (& Friends!)

My undergrad degree was in philosophy and I passed the bar exam in 2012 (oof) so now I teach (yay). My interests are broad and varied; I enjoy reading academic papers on random topics like feudalism and the role of priestesses in ancient Rome.

I'm working on an epic fantasy novel inspired by the environmental crises in northeast Africa, but I won't talk much about the writing process nearly as often as I'll squee about obscure research dives.

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@eleanorkonik Welcome to the Fediverse! Great to see you on here and your work sounds very interesting. Looking forward to nerding out to your varied and obscure research dives.

@quantumcowboy Thanks! My father-in-law got me a book about the Tyrants of Syracuse and it has proved fascinating; the only reason I'm not farther than chapter 6 is because I like to save it for "drop everything and read" days at work; it looks suitably academic and has a neat cover, and since I actually own a hardcopy I can ostensibly annotate and mark it up to model good study habits.

'cuz I'm a nerd.

Sometime soon I'll type up my notes on chapters 1-6; it's a surprisingly chaotic time.

@eleanorkonik Kinda wish I had drop everything and read at work... 😁 Sounds interesting! I love random history.

@eleanorkonik Hi welcome!

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But if you read that and think "yes I'm in the right place!" then pull up a chair and make yourself at home :)

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