monument removals & plato's republic called out "Cancel Culture" & cited my article about iconoclasm / the trend of pulling down as an example of how we're at a transition point between "oligarchy" & "democracy" on the scale given by Plato's Republic.

monument removals & plato's republic 

I'm not sure I've ever been called a "drone" before, but it's an interesting echo of the op-ed I was originally responding too -- the idea that riotous anger can only come from "ignorant masses" with an implication that such anger never comes from a place of thought or education.

The original op-ed:

monument removals & plato's republic 

The "cancel culture is what Plato warned us about!" article was really thought-provoking for me, and I wish I had the credentials to do a thorough analysis of and Plato's Republic from the perspective of modern thoughts on -- but more importantly, it helped remind me that Plato came from aristocracy.


monument removals & plato's republic 

If you're curious about where I come down on the side of wealthy oligarchs or mob rule, here's my in-depth response to the idea that "destroying American monuments is ludicrous!" --

tldr; Plato was born an aristocrat and prefers aristocratic forms of government. I was born middle class and prefer ... competent, ethical government.

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