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I鈥檓 in the middle (=start) of my language-learning full reread. I just got the maps. I just customised the maps. can I like _one_ mainstream fandom without the author rushing to ruin it 馃槥馃挗

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what is a fantasy series with big, detailed, immersive worldbuilding/lore that鈥檚 not written by a cisgender white man?

Other than Le Guin ofc.

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If you're looking for quality worldbuilding high fantasy that's big, detailed, realistic and has phenomenally compelling characters and is written by a Japanese-Canadian woman:

Check out Michelle Sagara West's House War series. It's brilliantly complex, the worldbuilding spans multiple cultural archetypes, and everything hangs together incredibly well.

I lost like 3 weeks devouring the whole series and barely spoke to my husband or showered the whole time.

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@eleanorkonik @elilla Ooh, thanks for the tip--looks right up my alley!

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@naga @elilla Michelle Sagara West is such a wonderful author. Her Cast--- series is enjoyable, but the House War series is unbelievably good.

Let me know what you think, if you get a chance!

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@eleanorkonik @elilla It looks like a lot of her series share a world and some overlapping events, in Essalieyan. Would you recommend starting with the Hunt books, if I can find them?

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@naga @elilla Oh man. I don't know that I'm qualified to say where to start because I sort of fell into the series sideways -- I was already a fan so when I found out she had this whole other book series I went out and just bought one of the books thinking it was a short series and then discovered in the middle that there's a whole other series tucked away inside haha. is probably what I would go by, though?

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@eleanorkonik @elilla Super, thanks. It sounds this is also a good way to avoid possibly being turned off by a less evolved style in the first two.


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I hope you like them! I also enjoy her Chronicles of Elantra series but by my standards Elantra isn't quite as good, because I feel like more *happens* in the House War series each book. So when I found the Essalieyan series I absolutely fell in love because the Essalieyan books are everything I love about series with complex worldbuilding and realistic politics and fantastically creative magic systems.

Plus, parts reminded me of Dune... without the sketchy bits.

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@eleanorkonik I think 18 books will get me started!

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@naga Oh man are there really that many? The reading process was kind of a blur but I remember devouring them one after another in rapid succession.

I wonder if I somehow missed any?

Clearly I need to go back and re-read the series in its intended order!

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