I was recently interviewed about my personal knowledge management system, and one of the questions I got asked was whether I would ever teach my students how to use for notetaking, since it's the program I use and I get a lot of value out of it, and it scales really well for studying and academia and such.

The answer I gave in the interview was a resounding "no," lol, but it turns out I had a lot more to say on the topic:

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@eleanorkonik that was interesting to think about - I've never been taught notetaking particularly, but my course (medicine) does tend to attract people who swear by *techniques* for learning an awful lot of content - which means lots of methods, not as much thought about why those methods work

@noctiluca yeah, one of the nice things about the Obsidian community is that there's not a lot of preaching about the One True Way. The first question anybody gets asked when they come looking for notetaking tips is "what are you trying to accomplish," etc. And getting through med school requires a very different kind of information management system than, say, someone's project management system for work. But both are technically "notetaking."

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