Alright friends, I've hit a wall in my research so I'm throwing this out there:

Anybody got any references, stories or anecdotes about ancient/medieval mercenaries + marriage? Bonus points for true stories about down-on-their-luck or retired mercenaries & soldiering companies and what they did after the war was over?

Bonus bonus points for information about ancient war brides.

I can't get a good starting point just using search terms and it's driving me nuts.

@eleanorkonik Not sure exactly what you're aiming for, but it's maybe worth looking up the "Irish Pirate Queen" Granuaile, who divorced her husband (legal for women to do under Gallic/Brehon law) and then locked him out of his own castle and threw insults and excrement down at him. She was a mercenary at times, including to the English crown in her later life. I don't remember the full story, but it is well documented by the historian Anne Chambers (who specialised in Granuaile's history).

ancient and medieval soldiers' marriages 

@eleanorkonik hard to cover in a toot but ... (takes a deep breath) marriages of Alexander's soldiers and generals, mercenaries and sex workers in New Comedy (Menander etc.), the new work on Roman soldiers' formal and informal marriages (there seem to be a lot of women and children in the site reports from some Roman forts), Steve Muhlberger on the political and sexual economy of the knight-errant

ancient and medieval soldiers' marriages 

@eleanorkonik there might be something in chapter 7 of Christele Fischer-Bouvert's book but its expensive Egypt tends to be good for family history because lots of records survive

ancient and medieval soldiers' marriages 

@bookandswordblog thanks for the tip! That book looks perfect, gonna go figure out how to get my grubby hands on it.

I appreciate youuuuu!

(Sorry it took so long to respond, potty training has taken ALL my attention haha)

ancient and medieval soldiers' marriages 

@eleanorkonik apparently there will be some things on the 14th-15th-16th century in this forthcoming book: Emily Beck and Amanda Taylor, Domesticating War: Women, Medicine and Military Activity in Premodern Europe (in press 2021)

ancient and medieval soldiers' marriages 

@bookandswordblog ahhhh, good tip!

@eleanorkonik Maybe would be of interest? (Haven't read it myself.) Seventeenth century might be too late for you though.

@eleanorkonik I'd recommend you ask @justinpodur@masthead.socia

He knows lots about empire and world history and he might know of such things. I typed in 'mercenary' and 'mercenaries' on his website and a few posts came up

However if you would like to contact him it would be better to use the bird site. He's not on Mastodon much.

@eleanorkonik you could take a look at the old time classic:
Georges Duby : "Guillaume le Maréchal ou le meilleur chevalier du monde"
I almost remember a full chapter of when Guillaume has to "protect" a noble's lady (with fidelity doubts and so on), and his own marriage...

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