I recently decided to go all-in on trying to have a "writing career" without giving in to monopolistic corporations like Amazon and Google.

I'm selling my fiction directly to fans, Patreon-style, instead of putting myself thru the endless stress of subbing to magazines.

Check it out!

I'm using open-source software, no cookies or trackers. The only "middleman" is the credit card processor (stripe).

I'm really proud of myself.

@balrogboogie Thank you! It was definitely a journey to figure out how to get to this point (self-hosting things on one's own server is not for the faint of heart haha) but I'm so glad I did it.

Today literally marks the day where I achieved "pays for itself" levels of revenue, which isn't a huge milestone (it'll be a long time before this puts food on the table or I'm metaphorically knocking on the doors of bestsellers) but ... kind of is, actually!

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