I'm having a weirdly hard time finding resources about rebellions in the pre-Columbian New World :( anybody know of any good starting points?

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@eleanorkonik There might be some examples in

I haven't managed to read the whole thing but it does spend more time talking about the social advances of north american civilizations than most western tradition books.

@alienghic ugh I really need to get through it, I'm on like chapter 3 but it's so dense I haven't had enough focus-time to really dig through it 😅

@eleanorkonik @alienghic there's a few mentioned in there, including some speculation (as I recall) about the end of the mound building culture. In a later chapter, the last quarter of the book.

@eleanorkonik It’s been a while since I read the hefty tome _The Conquest of the Incas_ (John Henming, 1970) but I have a recollection that it starts with some context about the fragmentation of the empire before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, especially the civil war.

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