What's everybody's favorite mythical, legendary, folkloric, or just plain ole ancient smith?

Bonus points for the really obscure ones!

Mine is the Dark Smith of Drontheim aka Loan Maclibuin, a legendary Norwegian smith that forms the basis of Zee from the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.

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@modulux @eleanorkonik

OK, I'm changing my answer to Ilmarinen too. I was gonna go with old "iron bands" from Longfellow's The Village Blacksmith.

@eleanorkonik not obscure, but I like Wayland because he's so deeply unlikeable

@eleanorkonik Schütz von Rode (hometown legend: shot leader of attacking brabant forces with crossbow) or Schmied von Aachen (killed leader of attacking Jülich forces by beating him to death with hammer/iron pipe).

@eleanorkonik Seppa Ilmarinen, who figured out bog iron and built things like a robot girl and a magnificent flying ship!

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