the great thing about this website is i'm not all the time running into twerps who have me blocked because i told jp hotcakes the auther of henry porter to huff jamba juice one time in 2017

plastics: incredibly durable and airtight material, almost immune to breakdown

capitalism: lets use this for disposable packaging


Is winter break always this short, or am I just increasingly aware of how little time I have off between semesters?

Oh well, Happy New Year!

Super powers I pretend to have when I'm lying down on the couch and need to get up, ranked.

5. Flight
4. Gravity reversal
3. Duplication (duplicate gives me a hand)
2. Spiderman web shooters
1. The power to turn into a puddle, drip off the couch onto the floor and then reform standing up.


Edit your autocorrect to change "lol" to "I cannot help but to laugh most heartily"

Hi. I’m Erik, a media studies scholar in Michigan. Interests include film studies, video games, and digital humanities. New to federated social media and trying to find my way around.

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