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Knives Out 🤝 Girl w Dragon Tattoo
Daniel Craig investigates
Christopher Plummer's white
supremacist family

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JSTOR has compiled a list of well-researched essays that "addresses institutionalized racism and how it’s caused historic, pointed harm at the Black community in the U.S.": daily.jstor.org/institutionali

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If your admin sent out an email about "police brutality" and "racial injustice" but doesn't want to defund their campus police, they don't really care about white supremacy or the lives of their black students, faculty, and staff

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Educators: If you wish to aid in the dismantling of a racist police state, you should avoid Zoom at all costs since they've made it abundantly clear they'll willingly team up with law enforcement: thenextweb.com/security/2020/0

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the great thing about this website is i'm not all the time running into twerps who have me blocked because i told jp hotcakes the auther of henry porter to huff jamba juice one time in 2017

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plastics: incredibly durable and airtight material, almost immune to breakdown

capitalism: lets use this for disposable packaging


Is winter break always this short, or am I just increasingly aware of how little time I have off between semesters?

Oh well, Happy New Year!

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Edit your autocorrect to change "lol" to "I cannot help but to laugh most heartily"

Hi. I’m Erik, a media studies scholar in Michigan. Interests include film studies, video games, and digital humanities. New to federated social media and trying to find my way around.

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