I kinda didn’t get/lowkey disliked CWs on this platform, but now I totally get/appreciate them, especially after browsing other social media on a controversial news day.

@emarsh same - I didn’t really understand the necessity of them at first, but today I appreciate having the choice to expand/read them. Rather than just have them all in my face at once.

@emarsh or...the day after an episode of your favourite show comes out?

I like having posts rolled up. I don't like how it hides media even after they've been unrolled.

I'd personally prefer a non-"sensitive" writer controlled roll-up feature as well, distinct from CWs, but I also get that that sounds like feature bloat.

@emarsh for me it depends on what they're for. I've found CWs for things like "food" and "eye contact" really irritating. The times where they make sense are when talking about the latest horrorshow coming out of the American Christofascist right wing.

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