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<< There is a special perversity in pursuing a vocation that hinges entirely on the premise that *knowledge matters* while obliged to deny what knowledge shows. As a scholar, I could not do my job if I accepted the sort of “reasoning” we are given for the cruel arrangements under which we labor. >>


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In the first update for 16 years, the guideline limit for the most damaging pollution – tiny particles from burning fossil fuels – has been halved


@Cyborgneticz I started out teaching high school a million years ago, but only lasted a year.

I find myself having an identity crisis. After 20+ teaching in higher ed, I switched careers into union organizing, but it’s not like my scholarly interests disappear.

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The subscription economy is UBI for corporations. 💩

@jasminee and we've learned a lot from GEO about bargaining during COVID.

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The Lecturer's Union at UM has started bargaining

"LEO includes 1,696 non-tenure track professors from the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses. The union is looking to improve their contract through the upcoming negotiations. Some of the proposals on the bargaining platform include more flexible COVID-19 policies for mode of course instruction, increased pay, pay parity across all three University campuses and greater participation in University governance."

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"We are called upon to help the discouraged beggars in life’s marketplace. But one day we must come to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring." ~MLK

@DoctorZen That makes sense. I look forward to checking them out. Maybe I’ll write a hoax article citing only those articles.

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@jasminee saw Wendy Chun at an invited talk years ago at Wayne State. Interesting presentation.

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University of Michigan Graduate Workers Are on Strike


"GEO is insisting that 'safety' and 'security' aren’t two separate subjects. Take, for example, the university’s police force’s name: the Division of Public Safety and Security. GEO is insisting that such security forces do not make us safe. And the COVID demands speak to a different vision of safety, where the health of the community is not subordinated to the university’s bottom line."

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UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 6 

@evenstay @jasminee that's so patronizing

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Knives Out 🤝 Girl w Dragon Tattoo
Daniel Craig investigates
Christopher Plummer's white
supremacist family

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JSTOR has compiled a list of well-researched essays that "addresses institutionalized racism and how it’s caused historic, pointed harm at the Black community in the U.S.": daily.jstor.org/institutionali

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If your admin sent out an email about "police brutality" and "racial injustice" but doesn't want to defund their campus police, they don't really care about white supremacy or the lives of their black students, faculty, and staff

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Educators: If you wish to aid in the dismantling of a racist police state, you should avoid Zoom at all costs since they've made it abundantly clear they'll willingly team up with law enforcement: thenextweb.com/security/2020/0

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plastics: incredibly durable and airtight material, almost immune to breakdown

capitalism: lets use this for disposable packaging

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