When you enough about assessment that you can provide valuable insight on one without knowing anything about it…

Does anyone actually read acknowledgements in books?

The moment you feel like @Downes is "on a roll", with . And you remind yourself that this "roll" is a consistent thing in .

"Wait, it's all OLDaily? Always has been."

hi, do any of yall have a good soure of tech news that dont make me feel like i live in dystopian wolrd?

Listening to the podcast back catalog @weareopencoop (with hosts @epilepticrabbit & @dajb). Nice to hear a @inevernu during s1e2!
Maybe there's something in common to newsletter authors... who are also on the fediverse.
And it might be part of fostering a .


@enkerli @cogdog finally had a chance today to check this out a bit more. I do like the premise of trying to capture the lived experience of what it is like teaching & learning and thought the book did a decent job of capturing the breath of activities including online learning, although I did find a lot of the photos tended to reinforce the sage on the stage lecture model. Which I guess is a reflection of the reality still prevalent in many institutions

Glad that the @weareopencoop learning experience " is for Everybody, Especially " (aka ) explicitly addresses from the get-go. From classics of the genre including Belenky et al. and Freire.

Perhaps surprisingly, I don't hear so much about these Habits of the Head in circles.
One way to put it: who decides what counts as knowledge to be learnt?


Speaking of , it's important and useful to acknowledge that the notion has a dark history, connected with .

There's been some coverage of recent controversies about that marred past on , a year and a week ago.

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Had a useful brainstorm on Accessibility, User Experience, Universal Design for Learning, Open Educational Resources, Gender-Based Analysis+ (GBA+), , , Open , , , , ...

Hard to encapsulate in a toot. Almost a placeholder for further discussions of all of these things which are intrinsically related as we start projects. Also, and .


My Open Homework System project has wrapped up. Thanks to COVID, a 2 year became a 3 yar project, but we still managed to award 19 different OER production grants for the development of practice questions in 5 different platforms: H5P, WeBWorK, PrairieLearn, Carnap and ChemSketch. We also were able to support the installation of WeBWorK for 2 institutions in the province, all designed to save students from spending money for access to commercial homework systems #OER bccampus.ca/2022/08/01/open-ho

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