Google search: Which environmental group should I passive-aggressively donate in my climate change denying dad’s name for Christmas? 🤔

tfw you have a meeting with your professor tomorrow and your gel comes out worse than you wanted 😥

What should I say in a general keeping-in-touch email to one of my undergrad professors (who wrote me a rec letter)?

Thankfully he assigned me purple loosestrife, so I won’t have that problem!! 😅

Botany professor: I randomly assigned you all a native/nonnative congener pair for your final paper. Some of them don’t have any primary literature available, so you’ll have to use gray sources. Me: 😧

Hey everyone, I’m here to make my ! I’m working on my M.S. in ecology. My thesis is about conservation genetics in Blanding’s turtles. I’m mainly interested in endangered species and would love to work for a federal agency or a zoo someday. I appreciate all living organisms and have worked with sweet potatoes, freshwater mussels, aquatic insects, tropical bats, and wetland turtles!

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