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Esther Seyffarth @esther
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Hi! I'm Esther Seyffarth, PhD student in computational linguistics. I work at the syntax-semantics interface, currently attempting to solve verbs.

Follow if you're interested in toots about language, linguistics, programming, computers, my way through academia, etc.

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@JordiGH I'll let you know when I find out!

More seriously: Verbs are an essential part of natural language understanding, since they carry a big part of the meaning in a sentence. But verbs are tricky - some mean lots of different things, others have different sets of possible behaviours, etc. Part of my work is to develop strategies to find out how different sets of verbs can be processed.

@esther Are you targetting a particular language, or do you think you can answer these questions independently of the language in question?

@JordiGH It's easiest to start out with English: Lots of resources and tools available, both for developing your own tools and for testing the accuracy of your predictions. I do want to develop things that can transfer to other languages. I have a project coming up with Spanish verbs. My own first language is German, so I might test my system on that, too.

@esther !! very cool stuff, looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

@esther welcome!

I hope you'll like it here.

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