There's a Dutch primatologist (Frans de Waal) who wrote a book called "Different" specifically on gender. He calls himself a feminist and talks about the diversity of gender (not sex!) within primate society. I'm kind of excited about it. Def on my "to read soon" list.

I was super cynical (terrified of another Enterprise blunder) but I'm liking this installation of Trek: Strange new worlds.

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USpol, int'l tech request 

It'd be a real pity if some hackers got into Crisis Pregnancy Centers and wiped their databases and records, since that data will very likely be used to prosecute people for seeking abortions and other repro healthcare.

White women need to stop appropriating struggles that are bigger than just white women

Lol, apparently 🧐

"During the Implicit Association Test (IAT) you just completed:
Your responses suggested a slight automatic association for Male with Liberal Arts and Female with Science."

I'm a little worried. I have seen lots of social media posts go up from good people offering their house as a waystation on a reproductive services railroad, but the issue is that there needs to be vetting for safety. You -really- do not want some person who requires such services to end up with either some evangelical or with someone who is physically unsafe to be around. And this -always- happens. You saw it directly after the war started with creeps offering a bed to Ukrainian refugee women.

beautiful review of the trans allegory game Celeste 

Just curious how many people have seen the milky way in the night sky (because this is hard for urban people for example because of lighting etc)

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Testicle-havers of the Fediverse who've had a vasectomy, please tell me about your experience during and after

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Sent doc for last round of co-author comments. We hope to submit MY FIRST PAPER next Friday


I guess what annoys me about her is that she considers herself and her techniques "the most powerful that ever existed" and I just can't with anyone who says that and aren't a physicist running a collider.

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Mind you, I think there are so many hurting people, and no one has -time- to just listen, no judgement, no solutions, just shutting up and listening.

That is the gap in the market that's being exploited here. It's loneliness and capitalism meaning no one has time so other parts of capitalism can come along and get rich off it.

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What? There's a pop-documentary on Teal Swan? Don't mind if I do

*grabs cult popcorn*

Excuse me while I throw all of fucking office, libreoffice, openoffice, just anything indecent and WYSIWYG under a massive bus

vim, emacs, TeX, markdown, whatever, I don't care just get me out of editor hell

outdoor work, conservation, etc 

Quote >>
She says environmentalists often feel they can’t “air dirty laundry” because it will “undermine our achievements and goals.”

This is a massive problem in many groups working in various forms of conservation and justice. If there's not an upfront way to deal with abusers, there will be those who hide in this.

I used to love cooking but these days I mostly make 'quick' things. Stews, hotpots, grilled vegetables and/or salads. Essentially all 'chop it and done' style cooking. I mean it tastes good enough and its nutritious but I do wonder what happened to my real passion for cooking.

I live under a rock which is why I am late to the party (again, but I like rocks, leave me alone).

I am disappointed though not surprised that the satanic temple also turned out to be a bunch of arsehats. But I don't think I expected them to go quite as bad as they seem to have.

I was wrong! They -do- have a sauna!!!! First swim in 3+ years. I missed the water

Apparently carrying a heavy rucksack with groceries home with a broken foot is a bad idea. Who knew..


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