Thanks so much to everyone who attended my talk!

If anyone has any questions, comments, or otherwise, please let me know!!!

women in STEM, that idiotic gender equality pardox 

I'm pretty glad I read this because it already seemed kinda fishy. How did this even get through review?

"After we sent over some of our results that contradicted Stoet and Geary’s, the journal editors investigated, and Stoet and Geary revealed they’d actually used their own undisclosed measure of women’s representation in STEM. "

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Whenever I’m feeling kind of bleh, I look up the “American baseball player” names from a 90s Japanese video game and immediately start ugly-laughing. It never fails to make me feel better

Looking for restorative methods to deal with / create awareness of casual sexism in my department, including calling female students (all levels) 'young lady' and commenting on their choice of dress.

Yeah so, TIL that there's a professor (and for several students advisor) who calls a whole bunch of the female (assigned) PhD students "young lady" all the time. Much to their annoyance, obviously. Now -I- am never called 'young lady' by said professor. I knew that regardless of assignment my body language frequently gives me (partial) male privilege, but this one's new. Now I'm wondering what I can do about it. Bit stuck.

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weird how no-one in the past was bigoted or held antiquated views. hey were all either of their time or ahead of their time.

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How Mattresses Could Solve Hunger

"Syrian refugees...& scientists...are working together to create a way to grow healthy, fresh food with nothing but water and old mattress foam.

These 'recycled gardens' use the mattresses in place of the soil, which solves two reuses...plastic mattresses that have piled up in the camp & it allows everyone to grow fresh food in a crowded, desert environment."

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this is your yearly reminder that ST Valentines is the patron saint of beekeeping, So the true way to celebrate valentines day is to plant wildflower seeds to help maintain bee's ecosystem.

#valentines #solarpunk

The fact I was just considering whether 'diffraction by crystals' would make good band name indicates I should probably go home...

I wish that pal (terminal calendar) would actually compile properly on macos. NOT BSD! 😭

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@esty We have a series of Black academics who come and lecture, there are student led panels on misogynoir, have a local Black business expo, a student panel on living with HIV, and a bunch of other events. The university segways into that programming by having a notable speaker for MLK Day - this year it was one of the Central Park Five. I kinda like that structure.

What's your campus doing for Black history month folks?

In line with mental health week, our grad student council (for the department) organised a campus wide 'how to deal with bullying/harassment in the lab' workshop. We had record low turnout, but the workshop was great and the psych folks who provided us with the content and led the event said they'll see about making it something that grad students can participate in for co-curricular credit. I'm weirdly proud regardless of the bad uptake. We did start the dialogue. Babysteps


From nature (open open sci) blog: "More than 50 research papers have been published on the new Chinese coronavirus in the past 20 days, as scientists rush to understand the pathogen and how it spreads."

Van der Waals forces are totally electrons cheating. jussayin.

If we got rid of this requirement to be/cite/etc blahbla et al, would we get rid of publish or perish? I have some ideas re:alternatives.

Hehehe, quote of the day (not mine) 'Delta G isn't free'. Talking about renewables.

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