@jalefkowit @esty @SnerkRabbledauber finally being forced to see that overlap for what it was, stripped of any sense of immunity for the one that should have been the true church, was one of the things that made me quite comfortable in identifying as an atheist now after 7 years of devout Orthodox practice

@carcinopithecus @jalefkowit @SnerkRabbledauber

I respect that. Walking away from a community is very hard, and for many so hard that their principles take a back seat to it.

I think there's big 'A' Atheism and little 'a' atheism these days though, where many of the 'big A' atheist 'gurus' are super transphobic and/or racist (e.g. Dawkins, Pinker, etc). So these days I'm reluctant to apply that term to myself.

@esty @carcinopithecus @jalefkowit

I just say I'm a non-believer. I don't believe there is but I'm not fully sure there isn't *some form* of supreme being.

@SnerkRabbledauber @carcinopithecus @jalefkowit

I was raised without religion, I wasn't like baptised and my family didn't attend church, so it simply never mattered to me until people started telling me i "could not have morals without religion". Then of course I got offended.

@esty @carcinopithecus @jalefkowit

It's fun to see how people in the early Christian church would tie themselves in knots dealing with the paradox of supremely moral and respected philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle were pagans! It usually came up with questions like "If only faith in Jesus saves us, is Socrates in Hell?"


@SnerkRabbledauber @carcinopithecus @jalefkowit

I think it's very interesting. I don't feel as defensive about my non-religion as many of my friends who were raised in a church. Also, I don't reject everything. I reject dualism right enough, I have no reason for a 'soul' because I was never raised to require one, but I -do- see the importance of ritual. Like, celebrations are important, taking time for grieving is important etc.

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