I am so ready to start giving so many people $12 per year

Also, you will probably see me posting a lot about @poetrygarden

It is the first Wordpress multisite and buddypress social media platform, with open registration that integrates with AP! (kind of-- one way syndication for now).

It's catered to literature publishing and portfolio building. I love this project and would love to get feedback from some folks here <3

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Hey everyone, nice to meet you! My name is Evan and I am into the digital humantiies, and in recent months gained a ever growing passion for ActivityPub and the fediverse.

After hopping around several Mastodon instances, this is the one that finally feels like home <3

I was wondering what the invite rules are for this instance? Is it cool if I invite some of my friends? What about big fediverse promotion campaigns? Should I direct those to a different instance?

Can anybody help me figure out how to set the featured accounts on your profile (choices)? It looks like I figured it out once but can't reproduce the steps for hte life of me!

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