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Poetry Garden is proud to be featured in the showcase for Commons In A Box! commonsinabox.org/show-case

Commons In A Box (or CBOX) is an open source software package, developed by CUNY, that expands Buddypress and Wordpress Multisite into a digital commons, information repository and collaborative platform.

Poetry Garden leverages tools included in CBOX in its technology stack, and is in many ways a product of CBOX's heritage.

#wordpress #buddypress #cuny #cbox #digitalcommons #poetrygarden

How did I get the domain public.garden and why am I so excited about it

An alternative would be the ability to @ a server's local timeline from a separate server, and allow the server mods to

a) Allow / Reject / Deploy default settings the post to enter the feed

b) Deploy a questionnaire and confirmation to adhere to the content policy.

What do ya'll think? Could this be a better way for the fediverse to handle groups and enable single accounts to interact as members of multiple community-niches ?

I know I for one have trouble deciding on just ONE server pod

Mastodon / Pleroma / Fediverse game changer concept: when you "move to a different account", your new account on the server it connects to is still treated as a participant in the original server's local timeline.

That way, fediverse users will be able to participate in multiple micro-communities (effectively mimicking groups, with a unique federated twist), while retaining content moderation capabilities from Admin staff (they can disable these moved-users if they start breaking the TOC) 1/2

External media profile support is live on Poetry Garden! You can see what I plugged on my personal profile @evan@poetry.garden -- yay for small victories!

I wake up every day thinking "why aren't more people on the fediverse and why is it because Mastodon doesn't have groups or events support" :'(

who wants to make a mobilizon instance with me on federated.events

Working on the icon package for promoting other social media profiles on Poetry Garden. Any I should add?

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As a poet, I feel that poets often don't do a good job of explaining why poetry is necessary. My personal go-to is quoting this bit from Aimé Césaire's 1944 speech in Haiti: "Poetic knowledge is born in the great silence of scientific knowledge."

Am I the only one who feels that groups on Mastodon is a feature that is DESPERATELY needed?

Can anyone help me with some small testing on my fediverse project?

I wanna check what labels you see on this server if you view the profile for @evan@poetry.garden .

Does it have"Website", 'Prose and Poetry" and "Demo" ? Or does it still have "Website" "Profile" and "Blog"? Thanks!

I am so ready to start giving so many people $12 per year

Also, you will probably see me posting a lot about @poetrygarden

It is the first Wordpress multisite and buddypress social media platform, with open registration that integrates with AP! (kind of-- one way syndication for now).

It's catered to literature publishing and portfolio building. I love this project and would love to get feedback from some folks here <3

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Hey everyone, nice to meet you! My name is Evan and I am into the digital humantiies, and in recent months gained a ever growing passion for ActivityPub and the fediverse.

After hopping around several Mastodon instances, this is the one that finally feels like home <3

I was wondering what the invite rules are for this instance? Is it cool if I invite some of my friends? What about big fediverse promotion campaigns? Should I direct those to a different instance?

Can anybody help me figure out how to set the featured accounts on your profile (choices)? It looks like I figured it out once but can't reproduce the steps for hte life of me!

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