Just learned how to make a graphical interface to read values from Arduino serial port with Processing. It's only one thermometer for now, I have 4 and to linear sensors/variable resistor more to add.

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⚠️ We need people from other countries sign this EU initiative too!

🙏 If you know someone from outside Spain, reach out to them, spread the link:


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Nemoptera bipenni. The only neuroptera in Spain and a species local to the Iberian Peninsula.

This mammatus clouds sitting in the base of an anvil formation in a cumulonimbus a little far. Cumulonimbus reach the limit of the tropopause (~12 km) the upstream of hot air spread against it, forming a typical view of a cumulonimbus storm with the shape of an anvil. The mammatus clouds form by the ascending force of hot air under the clouds, making this spherical-like when it collides with the different temp-humidity air in the cloud. (Cumulonimbus diagram by malteseislandsweather.com )

The sun beams are almost tangent to the earth surface at that point, and by perspective they look like circumference arcs on the sky.

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An unusual phenomenon from a couple of days ago, anticrepuscular rays. It is as if we see the rays of the setting sun but at the opposite point, where the sun rises. It's the perspective effect of the rays going almost parallel to the surface. The sun beams can be seen in the picture from sunset to the opposite point.

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Ranting about online conferences 

I want to remind to my European and American colleagues that a LOT of people in the global south could never have shared in with your "magic" because of lack of funding, or even visa issues.

So when you say "let's go back to the magic of ftf conferences", I hear "let's go back to the magic of conferences with 80% EU/NA attendance".

Even here in well-funded Japan I'm already finding it difficult to have my students attend to as many confs as they did last year.

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A new book for reading asap spotted in Feria del Libro de Madrid. (Teaching critical thinking. Bell Hooks.) Highly recommended author if you like education or social issues.

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zotero, boosts appreciated 

Does anyone know a good guide to attaching arbitrary data to an entry in Zotero which will be printed with it? Two typical examples: transliteration/non-Latin script title of a publication, and info about where the same publication may be found (eg. collected writings, later editions by a different publisher, forthcoming volume) 1/n

Just read on birdsite people thanking to PDF editing websites. I think anyone should be very careful to use this kind of sites, you don't really know if they store the documents or any data related from them. Since these sites are free, how they afford their servers and expenses. Selling data, maybe?

There is free software like PDF Arranger that could do the same, free and without network connections.

USA Pol, Violence 

Schools should be places where people are safe, knowledge is a guide and values and respect should be mandatory.

Sadly, some people think it's an affordable toll to have mass shootings and dead children if they have a billionaire business on selling death instruments.

They don't know they live in a Black Mirror episode.

It's unacceptable and really sad to see this situation.

A big storm recently. Counting the damage on my orchard plants. The view was stunning. It even remember the atmosphere of gas planets.

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It was also very well-known in Spain because a mystery and pseudoscience radio show (a sad reason after Cosmos) took a track from him to use as their opening.


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I'm sure everyone remembers the familiar tune from Chariots of Fire or Blade Runner, but they have albums that are masterpieces.

Like Voices, between ambient, new age and electronic music.


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A lot of us surely met Vangelis through the music of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Today another piece of that great masterpiece is gone.


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