I don't really like people joining to Masto instances where they just put a bot that copies their content from the bird app and never have real interactions in the fediverse. They are just like empty bot profiles with no one behind. No actions or symbol if you use the bird app forever and outside is just a repeat bot.

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@exosferablog There's no point in those accounts, and they just irritate me (granted I'm sick so what Doesn't make me mad)

@exosferablog these get an instant block for sure from me unless the author is super careful. I wish I could figure out how to just block all bot accounts...

@bipolaron In some instances at least they need to tag them as bot accounts

@exosferablog I don't think there's a filter that says "mute bots" or something similar. It's odd since as you say many bot accounts are labeled, I just can't filter based on the label.

So instead I mute every bot individually... maybe I missed where the feature is located.

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