@eyssette this is really nice. Coincidentally I have been experimenting with storing data in my personal sites as plain text, well XML and Markdown but text nevertheless, and I love the idea.

@eyssette would be nice if you would add "ed" at the line "Vim, Emacs" :)

@eyssette I love this.

It might be a bit too weird to add to the diagram, but I love using pandoc to read markdown docs in the terminal. Away from computer atm, but iirc my bash function looks like:

pandoc -f markdown -t plain $1 | less -S

I was looking for something like this the other day!

(Mermaid.js didn't cut it here).

Have you considered Accessibility?
(There are issues on their GitHub I believe)

@RyunoKi Do you have ideas to improve Accessibility ? I'm not a professional developer (just a philosophy teacher ;)), feel free to make suggestions!

@eyssette Uhh, a Svelte app. Nice!

Okay, I'm going to report some issues, but I am not sure where to make changes to see them in effect (would need to study the code more)

Heading towards bed so one last question:

Do you happen to use an iPhone or Android?

@eyssette Great!

Did you know that it contains a screenreader?

tpgi.com/how-you-as-a-site-aut (Ctrl-F Android)

You could run a check on your own.

At work I recommend tpgi.com/downloads/TPG_Mobile_ to colleagues.

I recommend to keep the settings view open to easier turn off TalkBack.

@RyunoKi To create diagrams from a text, have you considered using graphviz ?

I'm using it a a lot ! You might want to have a look at those graphviz templates I've shared on Github :

@eyssette I did.

But that would require having it installed somewhere (Instead of jumping on Mermaid.js support built in)

@eyssette looks good, I have to try this tools...

Recently I switched to markdown based files for my all days notes and knowledge database. I often use @obsdmd editor

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