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Sacrifice mathematics on an alter of the old gods

I am being reminded just how little I actually miss mathematics

What are you gonna do? Give me a detention, call my parents, tell the person with a background in formal languages and proof theory that you're worried about my ability to pass this axiomatic set theory course?

I think this is a new record lower limit for me on "time before I remember stuffy professor man has no power over me and just stop showing up to lectures out of respect for myself"

I hate set theory but also I like that 1. I understand it quite well 2. I have also specialised in the humanities subjects considered Less Important than mathematics that have many tools of important critique 3. I am in a position where I can articulate things that can knock mathematics off it's undeserved pedestal*

*No pedestals for anything or anyone 2k19

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Let’s start a hot new trend where people are nice on the internet

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Hi. Don't say "women and enbies" if you only mean enbies with vulvas.


My favourite activity is going into the academic year all wide-eyed and enthusiastic and then being tripped up by the university or the students

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fun reminder: not every nonbinary person is mystically androgynous or brightly genderqueer. just bc someone passes for cis doesn't mean they are

And 12 hours of commuting a week for 3 hours of lecture 🙃

I continue to be mad about this 3-hour lecture being spread over 3 days.

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Looking for connections who know a thing or two (or even more than two things) about doing an MA in Archiving.

If this is you, can I ask you a few questions?

If this is not you, please could you signal boost?

Oh this module has 3 different 1-hour lecture slots on 3 different days, must be for different groups.
No, it's just I have 3 lectures a week on 3 different days. And I have a 2 hour commute to campus.

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like it's the best place ive ever been but that's a testament to how shitty my life was in grade school, not how good uni is (it's awful)

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university is actually awful and toxic and no one should be pressured to go

I'm remembering my old type theory research and getting super sad I can't publish it because I will somehow get blood on my hands if I do

Anyway set theory is a less interesting type theory but both are machines of war

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