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Hi! I'm F. Loki, I'm currently bogged down by academic work but have slowly been doing more and more art, and am looking forward to posting some when I can.

I mostly do traditional sketching and slowly experiment with materials. I've recently picked up digital painting after finding out my old bamboo still has legacy support + that krita is a joy of a program.

I also exist at @f_loki, and on twitter at @f__loki@twitter.com, though I came here to be artsier and less academic.

Gonna try and find an artsy instance to also exist on.

Lecturer: this subject is outside of the scope of the module, despite being relevant and the course advertising that it would cover it.
Me: watch me build a tenuous connection in my essay out of spite.

Does anyone have some signposts to resources on on Finitism (as in, philosophy of maths) and some discussion of it (besides SEP pages / Parsons)?

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Philosophy 205a: How to study philosophy without becoming a shitty defeat-you-with-facts-and-logic bro on the internet

Prerequisites: even a very small amount of self-awareness

I am institutionally obligated to boost Diogenes shitposts.

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Every time I see the phrase "not real philosophy" I remember this post and start giggling

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Tired: Explaining that social forces heavily influence how philosophy is shaped and practised.

Wired: Loudly exclaiming "Is this even philosophy??" while flicking through Descartes

Been sick for 2 days, I think I'm well enough to start writing again but idk.

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cis people have to put pronouns in their bio, but it's optional for trans people thank you

A day that's not for
- cops
- military
- CEOs
- landlords
and instead is very much for
- the workers
- those who can't work

Happy international working women's day :)

Me: oh I hope they cover the contemporary issues
Lecturer: We will explicitly avoid the contemporary issues and talk about kant

Given my MA's namesake course is boring as hell I'm just trying to ramble together something about type theory and ontological commitments for the course submission.

Finally able to get some of this "Genealogy of Machine Learning (because I have no self control)" project done now I have the go-ahead and some concrete things to do.

Also "STEM", like please just say "Profitable to Capital and systemically detached from any structural-level critique" because it's just more clear.

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