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Taking steps to suspend my studies during the remainder of the pandemic. This hurts me deeply, but my ability to research and write is dependent on a strong in-person support network and sadly everything I've done to try and stay on track hasn't been enough.

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Social constructivism is great because it doesn't go "a structure is fake" but instead it goes "a structure only exists as long as we reproduce it".

Not agree. Not decide. Reproduce.

To move past the current constructions we build something new and maintain it, reproduce it.

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Sacrifice mathematics on an alter of the old gods

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@dankwraith it's ultimately self-consistent, because to colonialism, all technology (and all science) is specifically technology for exploitation; anything not employed for colonialist purposes is then not technology at all

No book worship but critical histories of Objectivity good and this lays so much groundwork for me and others to jump off

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Just logging on to mention how much I love "Objectivity" (Daston & Galison, 2007)

Love to find out how little support there is for like, good spellchecking. I guess that at least lets me get my shitty first draft out of the way.

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Love to spend an hour trying to configure markdown extensions for vscode instead of. Writing.

I still wont be writing until next summer but it's so nice to take this topic off my chest and instead gently scribbled into a notebook as things roughly crystallise

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I've outlined a coherent argument for my MA dissertation out of what I felt like was impossible to deal with material before I suspended studies a year ago. The constant scrambling crisis mode to take in a new field as well as produce longform essays was lifted for a year and now I'm, managing?

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@jaranta And if it's not perfect that's fine it can just haunt me via my constant imposter syndrome and second-order "but what if rather than it being imposter syndrome it's actually just legit critique of myself" imposter syndrome 😌

This reminds me that next year I'm going to have to edit an essay that is demonstrably terrible on all axes but I have neither time nor energy to opt-out of its existing trajectory.

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Desperately looking forward to when my MA is done and I can acknowledge that while all the work I did is far from perfect it's enough and I'm finished and I can let go.

Long since conceded that I really, really want to escape academia before I end up in a PhD. Respect for the ppl on them I just find them, slow and niche even though those are their strengths for the research skills and knowledge bases they produce.

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Figuring out what returning to my MA is gonna look like. It's been a while, and it'll be a while longer before I'm back. Hoping to switch to a straight philosophy MA, as I do not love maths nor do I love 40 hour studying weeks for a single subject that isn't philosophically relevant to me as a tool. Does mean I'll have to take a Value Theory module if I can switch, though.

*logs in* communism will win baybee *logs out*

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People don't want to hear this because people want to cling to this delusion that the fedi is some progressive place but the reality is that Twitter is a safer place for Black/Brown folks.

That's how awful the fedi is. That's how awful the fedi wants to be.

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The performance of supporting Blk folks is obvious.

Because your past actions and current ones work together. Especially if you haven't been forthcoming with your apology to ppl that you've harm.

Is calm.

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I'm weary of people that make this issue about them in any capacity. How much they're going to miss out, how sad they're going to be, how little now theyre going to learn etc.

I'm not impressed by ppl that try to 'center' Blk voices by forcing us to view the situation thru their gaze. It's counterproductive & vain.

Blk folks aren't the heuristic device from which ppl gain respect for you. You're using us as a stepping stone.

Antiblk af

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What's happening on the fedi in regards to BLM, anti-blackness & harassment, is leading Blk folks to leave and shift gears in response to how ppl are behaving.

This is not about white folks & how embarrassed or sad they are that ppl are leaving. It feels like its making mammies out of Blk thinkers on here. Dont. Theyre not here to provide you labor in any capacity.

This also isn't abt NBPOC-white passing folks. This exodus is not abt you. Most likely you've benefitted from it all anyways

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PV deals with soooooo much shit, probably the half of which you all don't even know. The fediverse has good people but it also has a MAJOR whiteness problem that makes it incredibly uncomfortable for BIPOC here, & it's not always as outright as someone shouting slurs. There's overt white supremacy but there's also a lot of shit that is deemed socially acceptable that is covert white supremacy. Honestly ya'll are lucky af to be in the presence of BIPOC here

Abolish the police
Abolish the prisons
Black lives matter

Send material solidarity to black organisers, not just words.

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fellow white people: it's time to donate, not to just talk about how sad and angry you are. no one needs to hear it. put your money where your mouth is. you know your finances. if you know you have spare cash, time to put it to work. give to bail funds or just directly to black people requesting mutual aid.

(if you don't have spare cash... understood, don't feel bad about it. there are other ways to help. this post isn't aimed at you)

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