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The fact that the US electoral system is a circus act designed to pacify the proletariat from revolutionary action is not incompatible with the fact that elections can be life-or-death for many of the most marginalized Americans.

Discouraging anarchists from participating in elections is poor praxis and likely a false flag.

Also: Masters-level essays are so long. _So_ long.

This was an unsustainable way of doing things but I've learnt a lot.

Submitted an essay the night before the deadline after 2 weeks of solid work 😴

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year of the linux desktop is a weird meme because i havent used anything but linux on the desktop for maybe 15 years
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***Help a black artist intellectual spread her ideas***


I've been selected to present a paper at a Conference in Sao Paulo.

As a 'third class citizen' struggling in Europe and with prolonged denial of access to citizenship, I sometimes find myself isolated and in serious state hardship to maintain the bridges to places; my research and current scholarship; and updating my practice in tune with current production.

Please check, help and share!

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"404 Page Not Found" by @mcmansionhell thebaffler.com/salvos/404-page

I don't know how to express how much I love this article. I'm glad someone is documenting the history of the internet from more than just the perspective of those who did or didn't make a billion dollars.

Reaching the "I hate this essay, its methodology, its content, and I want to burn it" part of essay writing.

Is it a snarky comment if it's an entire section

Just 6 days until my deadline. It's okay, I just need to um "remove the snarky comments" and "Fix the theoretical grounding in the lit" it's all fine 😅

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I think the move to #speech based user interfaces is coming like wildfire.

While the commercial OS-vendors are working on it, the libre software community is almost entirely ignoring it. It will make the free desktop much less advantageous and we'll lose many users.

The #CommonVoice project by #Mozilla is a good start, but seems to be stalling:

"'Evil demon'?? excuse me we're supposed to be talking about *real* philosophy, not some fairy tale :)"

Tired: Explaining that social forces heavily influence how philosophy is shaped and practised.

Wired: Loudly exclaiming "Is this even philosophy??" while flicking through Descartes

I'm a good programmer, a good computer scientist, but switching fields is a very easy way to throw self confidence out of the window

A combination of forcing myself to take a genuine break, looming deadlines, and being worried about my competence is an interesting combination of brain states.

Beginning to dread seeing the other MA students, I'm really surprised by the density of garbage ~ opinions ~ they have.

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"Prove you're not a robot" grumbles Show more

How 2 get rid of brain funk and get on with writing

Listen, if the theatre of the absurd can exist...

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