Does anyone have some signposts to resources on on Finitism (as in, philosophy of maths) and some discussion of it (besides SEP pages / Parsons)?

@f_loki this is a good resource:

With plenty of commentary on the important papers. Van Bendegem's paper "A defense of strict finitism" is a good summary.

(Full disclosure: my supervisor is writing a critique of Van Bendegem's position. Last year VB was at my institute and gave a talk on this...)


@okf Thank you! This is exactly the kind of resource I was after.

@f_loki why are you interested in finitism, btw? Are you writing something on this?

@okf My MA's namesake module is extremely disappointing in that it's restricted the scope of what's being talked about to "none of the reasons I'm on this course". Finitism is discussed, and so I'm allowed to discuss it in the essay I need to write, and it's the only interesting topic on the syllabus (outside of papers that have been mentioned but are "not on the reading list"). I wish I was talking about it on more interesting terms than this but sadly not 😛

@okf In the end I'm pulling something contrived together about finitist commitments and computer architecture. It's not ideal but it'll maintain my interest enough to meet the deadline hopefully.

@okf I realise this sounds a little mean. I was duped by the department and Finitism is not my focus but it is the most interesting thing on the course, I am just bitter at the lecturer 😛

@f_loki Haha! That's a fine enough motivation to write :p

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