So I've posted this to my twitter but let's also post it here: I'm picking up they/them pronouns and dropping everything else. Also, I don't believe anyone here but people who already follow me elsewhere know me by other names but I'm also dropping everything but my was-a-penname-now-just-a-name.

So yeah! Loki, they/them. Destroyer of Facts and Logic™️.

(I don't actually destroy facts and logic but I do instead examine and critique what constitutes something being considered a fact and what becomes logic / how logic is constructed as an ex-type-theorist who did a lot of programming language/maths foundations research)

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@f_loki I too critique what is considered truth, and the ways in which our understanding of the world changes and adapts and how we speak that.

@Cyborgneticz It's so interesting! My dissertation's gonna be a blast if I get there.

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