Not really an academics or working at any academic institution, but I still doing research in my free time. I'd very happy to hear your tips to publishing paper as an .

Field of interest ranging from , , to .

Currently based in .

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@faisal is this a solo author paper? Or do you have collaborators still in academia? The latter is easier than the former, but in my experience neither is any more or less difficult than publishing usually is.

@statistress For now, I plan to publish it solo. I'd like to collaborate with my professor or my colleague from bachelor years, but I think its more apropriate if I publish it first and ask them for the next paper.

Thanks for the reply btw, glad to know that it is possible to publish and/or do a research outside from the academia 😊

@faisal any time! I published a paper just a few months ago and a book last month. If writing is something you enjoy, keep doing it! Continued associated with academia is not necessary, but it helps. 😊

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