My dear friend and all-around great guy Dr. Gabriel Magno has just shared this epic tale of the early days of smallpox vaccination, on that other social network. I think it is worth replicating here:

Short read about general etiquette when asking questions at research talks. Very entertaining! 🙂

"Don’t be that guy: A guide to asking nonstupid questions during scientific talks" -

My paper in the Journal of Statistical Software is finally published! It was already available on ArXiv, but now it's official! :-) It describes a modular, component-based approach to composing MOEA/D variants. Check it out:

Hi! I'm a Lecturer in Computer Science at Aston University UK. My research is at the intersection of Optimisation + Data Science. I work both on the development of new algorithms and on applications in areas as distinct as power systems and bioinformatics.

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