PIs who use undergrads as free labor 

I despise PIs that tell other PIs, "hey did you know you can get undergraduates to work in your lab for free and they can just wash dishes all day?!" No. No no no. Occasional dishwashing help? Sure, of course, because some amount of lab maintenance is everyone's job and it's useful to be in the lab and get to know people. But a full semester or more of only dishwashing? Nooooo. That student better be getting work-study funding at least.


PIs who use undergrads as free labor 

If the student is doing it for school credit instead of money, then they deserve to AT LEAST shadow someone else doing experiments. Ideally, they should learn some hands-on technical skills or learn some data analysis. Something marketable in exchange for their time.

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PIs who use undergrads as free labor 

See also: PIs who treat postgrads as being disposable and joke about how they "got through three students before they figured out the solution to this one problem."

I suspect the venn diagram between these two types of PI is pretty much a circle.

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