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My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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I have this piece out in Eidos: A Journal for Philosophy of Culture where I draw upon John Dewey's concept of culture and apply it to disability with specific emphasis on ADHD.

Yet another way data is used in completely unethical and invisible ways.

One of my colleagues (located in Germany) would like to connect with fellow trans or non-binary people working in history of science (broadly construed) to share experiences and get some general advice. If you are interested in helping out, please contact me via DM.


…but in the "Journeys" shoe store font

…with that cluster of directional signals going places

…and they're not all arrows, which are considered masculine in my culture(s)

…but I got overwhelmed when I started imagining what various signs/signals might look like when I thought about drawing this

…so I started typing instead

…ooh, maybe it should be an interactive thing rather than a static drawing?

…so people can experiment with the signals???

goes up to a straight couple so which of you is the dungeon and which one is the dragon

language hegemony 

* the idea that a specific, prevalent language is a standard of communication
* that folks who don't use that language, or use a slightly different format of it (accent, dialect, slang, unvoiced) are not as worthy of being heard
* that any language has inherent and general-use value over others (rather than being a tool of communication with specific limits)
* that someone's using a 'wrong' language (or using a language 'wrong')

If you would be so kind I'm looking for good/your favourite resources describing mechanisms and criticisms of how funding :loz_rupee: for scientific work shapes technological possibility :Discovery: and political discourse about technology.


Dendron 0.95 has sprouted! 🌱
- 🤯 personalize with themes
- 🔥 mix and match personal and shared vaults
- 🚀 (much) faster initialization times
- 🐛 fixes, 📈 improvements, 📚 tutorials

#dendron #vscode #vscodium #opensource

Don’t create safe spaces.
Eradicate unsafe spaces :100Pride:.

White fragility is a thing because whiteness is fundamentally fragile. Like any construct that depends on having "others" to look down on, it cannot be secure in itself and constantly seeks validation and gratification at the expense of others. You can't identify out of whiteness, but you can choose not to identify yourself with whiteness. Don't let whiteness hollow out your soul and use your husk to protect itself. You deserve better.

It’s kind of absurd that this bundle is priced at just $5. I bumped my payment up to a multiple of that. I encourage you to do the same if you can afford to.

Any of y'all have good examples of when a software team _isn't_ very diverse and it overlooks obvious features? (for examples a talk tomorrow morning!)

Bonus points if it's research software.

Hi everyone!

Don't forget about @oneabstractaday

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You don't need to do one a day, but you could if you wanted!

Be sure to use the Unlisted, not the Public privacy setting, so that the Local Timeline doesn't get filled up

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