who called it white nonsense and not 

what the # ffffff

Hey if you're in Tampa, Florida right now.

You should try to be somewhere else.

The top intensity model of 2021 predicted this worse case scenario: "This location, intensity, and forward speed would be capable of driving a 15-20-foot storm surge into Tampa Bay, making St. Petersburg an island. Catastrophic damages totaling more than $100 billion likely would result, and also possibly a high loss of life. Power, water, sewer, medical, and law enforcement services could be lost or severely curtailed for weeks."

The best case track was described as "Such a track and intensity would still bring a damaging storm surge to the west coast of Florida and the Big Bend region, but total damage might well stay below $5 billion, and Ian might not end up getting its name retired."


Service toot to all fellow bisexuals :bisexual_flag: :pansexual_flag: :

Please be reminded that you are under a status effect of high visibility today. Vanishing spells will likely fizzle and stealth checks have disadvantage. Take care.


So much about these dynamics feels familiar from working with open education resources & open access publication: mikemcquaid.com/entitlement-in

It leads to unfortunate outcomes, all around. Often despite good intentions of people who otherwise know better.

fossbros: read the documentation

the documentation:

Wait, you're telling me that it's spelled "Occidental" College,,,

AND it has nothing to do with Robyn Ochs?

Sorry, that just can't be right.

my blueprint for liberatory digital #infrastructure for science & academia is up on arxiv, i'll write a thread on it when i get a chance, but for now here it is for my fedi friends. #p2p #LinkedData with lessons from #wikis #pirates #librarians and the fediverse, making this happen will be the project for the rest of my foreseeable future :)

please, I need an example of a quasi-cringe/quasi-earnest self-published author's website with kind of old school design, etc.

Boosts welcome.

🔥 I updated my talk, slides, and also article on how, what and why designers can document accessibility for today's @webaim conference. I added some details based on previous feedback, and I also prepared a checklist to help people document.


Okay, I'm at least using my last bit of tomorrow's shared slideshow to demonstrate how faculty can customize a sidebar in Moodle to add links to their own choice of journals, libguides, and Zotero.

Take that, Goggle.

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The DOERS3 Collaborative is looking for case study authors for a book-length project centered around valuing open education work in the tenure, promotion, and reappointment process. #oer #openeducation doers3.org/tandpcallforauthors

Relearning the fact that adding image animations to Goggle Slides has to be one of my absolute least favorite, most tedious tasks.

and remembering precisely why teaching myself to use Reveal / Remark / Deck and make my own layouts in HTML & CSS was & remains far preferable than this.

At least those approximate useful skills that actually let me see what I'm doing, not just creative kludges compensating for the laziness of folks at Alphabet.

"So, uh, you're an Elf?"
"Are you, like, homo or heterosexual?"
"Me, or Elves?"
"Er, both?"
"Most Elves are homosexual, some are heterosexual, some bisexual. I am bisexual."
"You like both men and women?"
"What's gender got to do with it? I like both Elves and Dwarves."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Staff meeting ends by a few minutes talking about La Llorona*

as meetings do

*(the set of folktales, not the movie)

"Using 'Machine Learning' as a Euphemism for Training Computers to Apply Human Errors and Biases at Greater Scales and at Catastrophically Large Material and Electrical Costs"

People Who Should Know Better but Who Experience Perverse Incentives within both Capitalism and Academia, et. al.


Waving at the beginning and end of video meetings helps participants know there are no weapons hidden up our sleeves.

We log on & log off in peace.

Northern hemisphere reminder: Whatever your short-sun coping mechanism/s might be--vit D, happy light, etc.--it's probably a good time to at least stock up on supplies, if not get started doing them.

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