disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

Humanities: the semantic meaning of content warnings might be complex, vary depending on context, and may not be apparent on their face.

Social sciences: people use systems in unique and surprising ways, and biases you bring and impose on your research will blind you to them. You should definitely studies carefully to mitigate that effect.

STEM majors: we had a brain genius idea, ran some stolen info through an algorithm, and came to an infallible conclusion. Where's our money?

I'm editing an open book available publicly available on web & also downloadable in PDF & ebook. I have a question about the accessibility of how I'm doing premises and conclusions for philosophical arguments with ordered lists <ol>. Please see this post (replies here or there welcome!) rebus.community/t/logic-ed-ben

maybe making a website theme? 

maybe making a website theme? 

ADHD, experimentation, + 

Impossible Foods introduces its brand-new Contradiction Cake!

"Have it, and eat it too!"

ed tech, possibilities for resisting surveillance capitalism 

writing, music, + 

CryptPad v3.8.0 introduces the ability to suppress notifications from users that annoy you and to invite users to teams via one-time-use links. This is our last release of the year, as we'll be taking some time to gear up for 2020!


academic writing 

I'm the series editor for a series of for Introduction to Philosophy courses, and we now have two books published (out of nine planned)!

Philosophy of Mind: press.rebus.community/intro-to

Ethics: press.rebus.community/intro-to

"service" disposition, emotional labor 

"service" disposition, emotional labor 

"service" disposition 

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