Are you a Mac developer that believes in our project? We have hit a brick wall with our macOS #Glimpse port and have a severe lack of Apple users in our project to unblock it!

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I wrote a very personal piece about being an Asian American archaeologist for Sister STEM and Science Rising's latest series on politics, identity, and STEM.

modest punk proposal 

Mambo No. 1 was written in 1923 and is almost unrecognizable compared to its modern counterpart. Instead of talking about Monica or Erica, Lou Bega I (1895-1959) instead wrote about having "A little bit of Myrtle in my life" and "A little bit of Agnes by my side". Additionally there were no references to "gin and juice" or "liquor stores" as prohibition had been in effect for 3 years at this point.

book curator discourse 

work gripe 

work gripe 

Talkhead1: Modern Day Feminism is an attack on men.

Response: Not all men


I saw the only good gadsden flag liscence plate
It reads "SNK OMG"

Last year I published a completely self-indulgent novella-length fanfiction with a silly plot where an autistic character falls in love with another character and hijinks ensue.

Today I got my third or fourth comment on it from a parent of an autistic person thanking me for writing something that helped them understand their child, a response that I never would have anticipated.

Autistic writers: Your work matters.

new-to-me GNU Image Manipulation Program alternative! 

Fictional violence mention; Strong language 

mental overstimulation, + 

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