The existence of microfiche implies the existence of megafiche.

…but what of giga, tera, or petafiche? 🤔

"Abolitionist Teaching and the Future of Our Schools" panel 

Just watched a fantastic " Teaching and the Future of Our Schools" panel, with Dr. Bettina Love, Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, & Dr. Dena Simmons.

Initially thought it might be mostly about k-12—turns out it's all very relevant to college, too. Very much worth your time!


Juneteenth, Beauty Pill, Bandcamp, NAACP's Legal Defense Fund 

It's Juneteenth!

Beauty Pill is an amazing band whose primary songwriter is the son of the general counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in the 1960s.

Today, all revenue from Bandcamp purchases go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, so it's a particularly good day to consider purchasing their music.

"Describes Things As they Are" and "The Unsustainable Lifestyle" are my personal favorite places to start:

Juneteenth, "Defund the Police" webinar on Sat, June 20 

And here's a link to Scholars for Social Justice itself:


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Juneteenth, "Defund the Police" webinar on Sat, June 20 

That webinar will be moderated by Adom Getachew, University of Chicago

And feature the panelists:
- Michelle Yang and Kosi Achife, UChicago Student Activists
- Robin D. G. Kelley, University of California Los Angeles
- Barbara Ransby, University of Illinois at Chicago
- Davarian Baldwin, Trinity College

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Juneteenth, "Defund the Police" webinar on Sat, June 20 

It's Juneteenth!

Have you signed up for the "Defund the Police: A Webinar on Police, Race, & Universities" organized by Scholars for Social Justice?

It'll be held 2020-06-20 at 12pm Central Time (US & Can) as part of the Juneteenth Weekend of Action. You can still register for free at bit.ly/SSJDefundthePolice

If it exceeds capacity on Zoom, it'll also be live-streamed and recorded elsewhere. Details are on the above link.

Juneteenth, Academics4BlackLives 

It's Juneteenth!

If you haven't already seen Academics for Black Survival and Wellness, please check out their site:


"Academics for Black Survival and Wellness was organized by a group of Black counseling psychologists and their colleagues who practice Black allyship. Guided by a Black feminist frame, we hope to foster accountability and growth for non-Black people and enhance healing and wellness for Black people."

Any "intro to GitHub / GitLab for sharing or crowdsourcing GIS data" guides online? 

I reached out to the person making this great map of protests suggesting that they consider GH/GL for sharing the map data. They said they'd like to know more… I'm under the impression that they're a student.


I'm not a GIS data use "insider" & couldn't find any obviously great intros online. So after 15 minutes of searching, I thought maybe someone here has suggestions?

happy pride month // be gay, donate bail (image and US community bail fund links) 

Be gay, donate bail!

If you don't know of a local community bail fund, consider The Bail Project. Here's how and where they work: bailproject.org/our-work/#loca

If you don't have the funds now to donate, boost the message and consider donating when you can.

Credit: these images are by Tw!tter user @sksninja. More flag versions available here: twitter.com/sksninja/status/12

PLUR 2020 

Respect social distancing / stay-at-home guidelines

French-language request (commonly used words checking tool) 

Does anyone know of a website like XKCD's "Simple Writer" (xkcd.com/simplewriter/)
—but in French?

I'm helping professors make an Open Education Resource textbook with readings that focus on the most commonly-used words in French. They'd like a simple tool to check the readings against.

(Yes, I've already suggested making a custom dictionary in a word processor, but they'd like to know if a tool like this already exists.)

top suggestions for a "How to Online Student 101" guide? 

I'm making a "How to Online Student 101" guide for my community college's students—both because it can be helpful and because I think we in the library will do a more empathetic version than our non-library colleagues who initially said it should happen.

We've got a very distinct digital divide here in Idaho, serving some very rural areas as well as the state's biggest cities.

Anyone have favorite guides or top other suggestions?

information literacy jargon 

New in this version:

* infophage


* consumer of information

methodological tendencies 

🎤I go: hey, just give me a measure, please
all I want is a measure
And they couldn't give it to me!


funded Ph.D. research positions on non-Anglophone science fictions / futurisms 

Two awesome-sounding funded positions for Ph.D. candidates in Norway to study contemporary non-Anglophone science fictions, each apparently fully-funded for 3 years.

Latin American futurisms: jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs

Chinese futurisms: jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs

The CoFutures project overall sounds great, too! hf.uio.no/ikos/english/researc

ADHD musings 

I'm fortunate that I only work in this open office (basically a cubicle/ carrel farm) about once a week. It's usually supremely distracting, even when I have earbuds in & music on, ie shields up.

But today, one of my colleagues in here is verbalizing her thoughts just barely above a whisper, and it's incredibly, surprisingly charming.

She's at least a generation older than me & a Comp/Rhet instructor. I often wonder if folks like this are part of our large undiagnosed ADHD squad.

I'm looking for critical papers/articles on collaborative office software (GDocs, Office 365), perhaps as part of platform capitalism.

Any pointers appreciated.
#mastohelp #mediastudies #softwarestudies #criticaldatastudies

Opening line for your novel 

"Once upon a time, in a land faraway, in the year of Linux on the desktop ..."

'Lite' sites 

Love 'lite' versions of websites; info w/o visual garbage.

I use text-only NPR: <text.npr.org/>

& the Skinny Guardian: <skinnyguardian.xyz/>

Any other recs?

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