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Ryan P. Randall @foureyedsoul
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Is there a way to add a cw when boosting something? I’m not sure if I’m missing how to do that or if it’s just not a feature in yet.

@foureyedsoul inability to quote-toot is a deliberate architecture so I’m pretty sure you can’t add a CW to a boost regardless of client. Pity, that would be useful.

@foureyedsoul this unfortunately appears to be a Masto feature (or lack thereof)

@bgcarlisle @foureyedsoul Someone a while ago suggested just linking a toot in a new CWd toot, which is what I've taken to doing. Not ideal, but it works.

@beezyal @bgcarlisle Thanks you two! I might just start doing the link-to-toot strategy for now. Less than ideal, but I’ll take what works!