disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

Feeling those interdisciplinarity blues & wondering what sort of genre/form would suit the ways I think.

If academic disciplines are roughly equivalent to ways of knowing, each of which correlates to a preferred genre / mode for expressing knowledge… what's an adequately interdisciplinary form?

A dj mix? A (sequenced, unmixed) mixtape? A field recording of a listener scrolling through radio stations? A compilation / anthology with reading notes?

disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

Running with the music analogies, maybe what I need to do is *~practice~* writing like I have in the past practiced guitar / bass.

Then each article submission or conference paper would be more like playing a show or recording a song: a smaller set of movements I want to showcase, having honed and discarded related movements elsewhere.

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disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

That simultaneously seems like a good insight and profoundly unworkable, since what I consider my best products & my best ways of working have always been connected to sustained ADHD hyperfocusing… ways of using my brain & time that really aren't compatible with the daily structures that come with any life rhythm beyond 24/7 grad student living.

Here's to making new practices & dispositions, I guess?

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