maybe making a website theme? 

Now that I'm back in the mindset of updating my website, I might spend time the next few days / weeks making an academic-oriented fork of Minimal Mistakes^1 that incorporates some of the AcademicPages^2 techniques for creating a CV.


The new version of Minimal Mistakes has a remote gem option, which basically simplifies maintenance by letting its creator update a source that everyone else's site pulls from.

maybe making a website theme? 

Clearly, the question is: what to call it?

I want the name to nod to its origins, possibly be funny, …and to be honest, possibly *discourage* its adoption by anyone who'd expect lots of maintenance / free labor from me.

Ideas so far:
- Remote Academic Mistakes
- Distance Learning
- Minimal Academics

If anyone has inspiration for names or ideas about the theme, I'm interested.

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maybe making a website theme? 

So I ended up making good progress on that academic website theme for GitHub Pages.

The goal is for it to be editable entirely within the browser interface, for folks who don't want to have to install Jekyll or other techie stuff.

If you want to try it out, here's an early version of it:

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