French-language request (commonly used words checking tool) 

Does anyone know of a website like XKCD's "Simple Writer" (
—but in French?

I'm helping professors make an Open Education Resource textbook with readings that focus on the most commonly-used words in French. They'd like a simple tool to check the readings against.

(Yes, I've already suggested making a custom dictionary in a word processor, but they'd like to know if a tool like this already exists.)

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French-language request (commonly used words checking tool) 

@foureyedsoul this isn't exactly what you're asking for but it might be useful toward that end. I'm a fan of the Zettlr application for managing notebooks, especially academic context. It comes w/ 4 algorithms to "measure" the readability of the text you're writing (multilingual). It's not based on a list of common words but on language variance. Here is its explanation

French-language request (commonly used words checking tool) 

@foureyedsoul my thinking is that maybe if the readability is good, it might be likely that the words being used are more common. Might not be true but maybe something to explore.

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