digital bullet journal, VS Code 

This bullet journal syntax highlighting / etc extension for VS Code is so excessively, ridiculously my jam that when I told my partner I was stoked to find it, she burst out laughing & eventually gasped "of course you are!"

Enjoy it, if a is also your kind of thing!

digital bullet journal, VS Code 

@foureyedsoul oh yeah, org mode


digital bullet journal, VS Code 

@foureyedsoul OMG I love it, what the hell?? I never thought about this and it is a brilliant idea.

Thanks for sharing!!

@foureyedsoul Ok this is extremely my jam, thank you!

(Also excuse me for the newbie question, but why the cw?)

@evpok Glad you like it, too!

No apologies needed for the CW question. The boring answer is that I just added it out of habit!

On the instance, we have an expectation to put a CW on most public messages. For me it feels the same as adding a subject line to an email.

We use it closer to a "context wrapper" than an actual ⚠️ WARNING⚠️ .

I feel it's a good, kind habit. I never can anticipate what might be someone else's trigger for serious issues. And more context is usually good!

digital bullet journal, VS Code 

@foureyedsoul this looks amazing, plus it solves the problem where VS Code is where I spend most of my day anyway lol :blobcatpeek: is there anything you find cumbersome about it or any other bujo tools you use in conjunction with it?

digital bullet journal, VS Code 

@rabbit Glad it looks like it might be useful for you!

I'm the most cumbersome tool involved with my bujo, I think.😅

For real, though: this BuJo extension does with 1 extension what I've been doing with 2 or 3, so it feels much less cumbersome than setting those up.

I am choosing to go into the `settings.json` to change the theme / color settings to play nicer with my preferred theme (Daybreak, not the Default Dark one). That's a little slow, but not horrible.

digital bullet journal, VS Code 

@rabbit The other digital bujo tool I really, really like is Dendron.

It's another VS Code extension that lets you have interconnected & hierarchical notes.

It really works for my brain, especially since it adds a navigation pane that collapses / expanded to see notes at different hierarchy levels.

Here's where I'm starting to keep track of the best starting resources I encounter for Dendron:

Hope you find something that works for you!

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