Math a11y 

Trying to write math online, accessibly?

Here's what I've learned this semester & the approach I've ironed out:

- LaTeX is great for typesetting but not for screen readers.
- MathML is better for screen readers.
- Handwriting recognition tools exist that will generate MathML! (Also LaTeX converters.)
- MathML isn't inherently supported by Chrome & Opera (boo! hiss!)
- …but you can easily supplement their deficiencies with MathJax.

Math a11y 

@foureyedsoul This is a great post. Thanks for taking the time to put it together (and referencing our BCcampus LaTeX guide). Math has always been one of the trickier parts of our OER publishing workflows.

Math a11y 

@foureyedsoul Thanks for the great write up! Bookmarking for later for my own site.

Looked into why chrome doesn't support it still, and seems that work has been in progress since 2009!

This year-old post has some details of what some of the current slow downs in development have been.

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