The existence of microfiche implies the existence of megafiche.

…but what of giga, tera, or petafiche? 🤔

happy pride month // be gay, donate bail (image and US community bail fund links) 

Be gay, donate bail!

If you don't know of a local community bail fund, consider The Bail Project. Here's how and where they work: bailproject.org/our-work/#loca

If you don't have the funds now to donate, boost the message and consider donating when you can.

Credit: these images are by Tw!tter user @sksninja. More flag versions available here: twitter.com/sksninja/status/12

libraries cannot be neutral (meme & other social media site link) 

Over on the birdsite, Dr. Robin James reiterates: "All claims for the non ideological or apolitical character of X are political and ideological claims." twitter.com/doctaj/status/1228

Considering all the asinine approaches to "neutrality" in libraries lately, I had to make this image to help reinforce the point.

antiracism, class, Asad Haider's _Mistaken Identity_ 

Here's the variant cover I found on Goodreads. Maybe the focus on race and class in the published one is better? I'm just skeptical about the shelf life of the Trump reference.

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On the one hand I'm bummed that the bloom fell over on one of the echeverias I keep in the library.

But on the other hand, so many potential new plantlets!

Let's hope I can keep things warm enough on the cold drive home.

Newest move in the ongoing effort for our nascent makerspace to be as inclusive as possible: repurposing a coworker’s castoff makeup box for small parts instead of getting a toolbox that reads as more masculine. Also, test prints are working!

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