Cops who quit 

@bgcarlisle I did see a post from one — I think a sheriff? — who claimed to quit at the end of his shift over moral grounds. I don't have a link to it handy.

happy pride month // be gay, donate bail (image and US community bail fund links) 

Be gay, donate bail!

If you don't know of a local community bail fund, consider The Bail Project. Here's how and where they work:

If you don't have the funds now to donate, boost the message and consider donating when you can.

Credit: these images are by Tw!tter user @sksninja. More flag versions available here:

PLUR 2020 

Respect social distancing / stay-at-home guidelines

@jaranta @Stoori @ansugeisler I vaguely remember reading a UX piece describing different computer interface metaphors—I think Apple's was described as being closest to a toolbox and a tinkerer's tabletop.

I'd never have a tool in my hand, use it on an object, then expect it to disappear from my hand and fly back inside the toolbox just because I removed the object from the tabletop. I'd much more likely examine the tool itself & consider other objects for possible uses before putting it away.

@jaranta @Stoori @ansugeisler Yeah, I also think it's a long-time Apple model for programs. I grew up using Apple bc my parents got teachers discounts on them.

The program running independently of the window state is my expected behavior, so I think it's been the Apple way since forever. The Windows model still surprises me. Even after using one constantly at work for 4 years, I get frustrated having to reopen the program just because I shut the last window.

@ashley Congrats! And thanks for sharing—I for one appreciate anyone's victories right now!

@craigmaloney @ND3JR FWIW I've also got a battery powered mower & I'm pretty sure our vacuum cleaner is louder than it. Certainly recommend at least looking into one!

French-language request (commonly used words checking tool) 

Does anyone know of a website like XKCD's "Simple Writer" (
—but in French?

I'm helping professors make an Open Education Resource textbook with readings that focus on the most commonly-used words in French. They'd like a simple tool to check the readings against.

(Yes, I've already suggested making a custom dictionary in a word processor, but they'd like to know if a tool like this already exists.)

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I know I've seen lists of them in the past, but here's an immediate answer with a few.

The box near the bottom of this page has a few of the better zoo / wildlife park ones I was able to find:

@skalman If you can't find an app dedicated to this, I personally use Atom (Mac, Windows, would work on Linux) and a mobile text editor. I currently sync the .txt files through Dropbox but plan to switch to NextCloud before long.

Here's info about my set up, if it's useful for you:

top suggestions for a "How to Online Student 101" guide? 

I'm making a "How to Online Student 101" guide for my community college's students—both because it can be helpful and because I think we in the library will do a more empathetic version than our non-library colleagues who initially said it should happen.

We've got a very distinct digital divide here in Idaho, serving some very rural areas as well as the state's biggest cities.

Anyone have favorite guides or top other suggestions?

Queer theory writing question 

@Cyborgneticz I've certainly seen "I" in articles by non-famous folks—and simultaneously, I do think fame brings leniency.

I'd suggest looking for particular journals where you've seen "I" used before and/or including your rationale as a footnote or parenthetical when you first switch to using it. If the editors/reviewers think the rationale isn't necessary, they'll likely suggest that you remove it.

information literacy jargon 

New in this version:

* infophage


* consumer of information

@June Yeah. I've absolutely thought for a while now that the anti-vax thing is a bunch of purity / "integrity" thinking. A lot of the underlying logic / rhetoric might as well be about school integration or bussing, and I think it's also a lot of the same demographics.

@Cyborgneticz Having been raised (Southern) Baptist, I've agreed with this since years before I just read it.

methodological tendencies 

🎤I go: hey, just give me a measure, please
all I want is a measure
And they couldn't give it to me!


funded Ph.D. research positions on non-Anglophone science fictions / futurisms 

Two awesome-sounding funded positions for Ph.D. candidates in Norway to study contemporary non-Anglophone science fictions, each apparently fully-funded for 3 years.

Latin American futurisms:

Chinese futurisms:

The CoFutures project overall sounds great, too!

ADHD musings 

I'm fortunate that I only work in this open office (basically a cubicle/ carrel farm) about once a week. It's usually supremely distracting, even when I have earbuds in & music on, ie shields up.

But today, one of my colleagues in here is verbalizing her thoughts just barely above a whisper, and it's incredibly, surprisingly charming.

She's at least a generation older than me & a Comp/Rhet instructor. I often wonder if folks like this are part of our large undiagnosed ADHD squad.

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