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Can we please fast-forward to the world where people look at "the free market" the same way they do "the four humors"

Saviez-vous que la lune est l'un des symboles de la bisexualité ? (la double lune pour être exact-e) J'ai trouvé très chouette qu'on me commande ce bracelet à charms du coup. ✨

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Self Hosting Survey - What would you like to self-host? Show more

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I see many of you are still on your starter gender

"minty i'm sick of white people sci-fi"

this is a lead in to my intro to afrofuturism, it's very simple. anyways:

My Soul to Keep: Tanarive Due, about a woman who's married to a millennia old immortal black man

The Prey of Gods: Nicky Drayden, about a demigoddess who feeds on fear in South Africa

An Unkindness of Ghosts: Rivers Solomon, about a self-taught neurodiverse healer on a spaceship looking for a new home

Galaxy Game: Karen Lord, about a black boy with super-powers

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On the one hand I'm bummed that the bloom fell over on one of the echeverias I keep in the library.

But on the other hand, so many potential new plantlets!

Let's hope I can keep things warm enough on the cold drive home.

heck yeah I got "seasonal depression!"

All these

Never again.

I listened to the Mirrorshades anthology yesterday & today -- the first time I've been exposed to most of it since I read it about 15 years ago. I keep being shocked by how much more cyberpunk resonates with *today* than it did with 2003. It's probably because we're living in a rerun of the Regan years.

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does anyone have any advice on not getting sucked into a research hole so deep that you don't have enough time to actually write your coursework?

I never know how/when to stop reading about a topic to the point where it's detrimental to the work that I (eventually) output

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