@Cyborgneticz Oops, I meant "killjoy optimism" not "cruel." And to their credit it wasn't difficult to convince the composition folks—they were specifically asking for things that would complicate a simplistic view of optimism. I can't wait to see what students do with this reading next year!

@Cyborgneticz In some ways I feel like my biggest "win" for this semester is that when the first-year composition program coordinator reached out to us last week for more diverse authors on the subject of "optimism" for the outcomes assessment essay that every class will write, I convinced them to add Ahmed's post on "cruel optimism" to the bank of readings: feministkilljoys.com/2017/01/0

@ckohtala Great question! A varied toolkit works best for me.

When I'll need automated reminders I use a task manager app. I use OmniFocus bc it works with my Apple Watch; I've also used & liked Todoist & Asana.

For other info & tasks I use text files as much as possible, mostly in the free Atom editor. It has packages that extend it with task management, wiki, & other features. Also text files are as future-proof as files get & easily backed up / synced.

Hope you find what works for you!

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@platypus And if anyone needs something to do with their hands while sitting with their discomfort, reporting the targeted harassment seems like a great activity.

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@VictorVenema Interesting idea! Here at least, we're not set up to handle any monetary transactions & don't have any desire to start. My personal instinct is that a campus bookstore's ethos and a college library's ethos are different enough to make it hard to combine them… but framing it as removing a barrier for users makes me willing to think about that some more.

The existence of Joy Division implies the existence of Joy Multiplication, Subtraction and Addition

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"Remember: If it's not ISO 8601, it's not a date, it's just hanging out"

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