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Does anyone have links/guides to doing academic blogging or blogging about research?

RT More evidence that student evaluations measure everything except what they're supposed to: giving students cookies significantly impacts student evals

Not sure why I wasn't expecting scads of kids for a 1pm screening of Hocus Pocus, but… wow. Lotta kidlets. There's a ton about that film that leaves me scratching my head, but still glad to go see it with a few friends.

Hi all! I'm a trans woman and PhD student in linguistics at Stanford working on a project about voice feminization, one that I think might make a big splash. If you have feminized your voice, I would love to speak with you about the possibility of participating! You can reach me here or at Thanks!

Looking for chapter authors for some parts of an Introduction to open textbook I'm helping to edit. Also looking for editor for Aesthetics section. Open textbook is free of cost, licensed to allow re-use (CC BY). This is a volunteer activity; we have no money, sadly, but a lot of enthusiasm!

Teleportation when? Let’s start right now with the vegetarian spicy pad thai leftovers I forgot to bring in to work today.

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The ebook version of The Ballad of Black Tom is free on Tor until Oct. 13th:

It’s a reworking of Lovecraft’s The Horror at Red Hook from the perspective of a black hustler from Harlem. Definitely recommended if you sometimes find your social justice values rubbing uncomfortably alongside your love if weird fiction.

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*Taps 🎤 * if you're designing for college students, many may not have their own laptops. Those that do may not have _nice_ laptops/computers. Test. Your. Stuff. In. Computer. Labs. Test on free library computers. What looks great on your BEAUTIFUL designer/developer Mac may look like shit on these.

A young female welder adjusts her goggles, Groton, Connecticut, 1943. Photograph by Bernard Hoffman.

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I'm doing a small workshop in the arts & humanities department at my university focused on minimal computing where we are going to get people started with Beaker Browser and have a conversation about the pros/cons of owning your own data, and building trust networks.

The agenda can be found here:


If you have favorite zines or other dat sites, especially for humanists & artists I'd love to hear from you.

Encourage the men around you to nurture and care for others. That that is a thing that everyone must do for their communities.

This means learning to think about what someone's growth is without controlling who they become. This means, again, taking the power one has been entrusted with and using it for the growth of others.

Nurturing is absolutely not a 'feminine' trait. It is universal. Being cut off from this fundamental kind of relating to others is a deep injustice done to men.

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