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broke: gender is a static binary
woke: gender is open source
bespoke: gender is open source and licensed under a GPL-compatible license, meaning that corporations cannot write incompatible gender code

"You can tell that the capitalist system is in
trouble when people start talking about capitalism. It indicates
that the system has ceased to be as natural as the air we
breathe, and can be seen instead as the historically rather
recent phenomenon that it is. Moreover, whatever was born
can always die, which is why social systems like to present
themselves as immortal." - Terry Eagleton, "Why Marx Was Right"

Our first Call for Papers!!

"The Disability Studies Committee at Stanford University is proud to present its first annual graduate student conference: Mediations: Disability, Technology, and the Arts."

Anybody doing work even remotely related to disability studies, media studies, STS, queer studies, crip theory, intersectional work, mental health, critical theory, please do apply with a 300 word abstract to!


People who think they have no ideology remind me of people who think they have no accent

just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens

I often think about how the Immigration and Naturalization Services used to be housed under the US Department of Labor (1933-1940) and was then switched to the US Department of Justice (where it remained until 2003, when it was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security).

The switch from labor to justice to security should illuminate how the US views immigration and naturalization, and for what purposes.

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Birdsite is doing something that should do :

Who are your top 10 theorists/writers?

Please define "top 10" however you want, whether that means the 10 who influenced you the most, 10 that you wanna fight, 10 that you think are The Best, whatever.

Rise and grind. Let’s go get that thoughtful introspection that helps you grow as a person

If you're considering academia as a career, Dr. Jonathan Sterne has a fantastic page of professionalization resources:

It's possibly most relevant to social sciences & humanities folks—and certainly to (North) Americans—but it's a practice I wish more academics did.

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