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Hey friends, do you have any literatures suggestions on federated social networks, or decentralized social networks? 💕

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A project that started as a Digital Humanities project, transfered with the Principal Investigator to various institutions, and has now been copyrighted and monetized under the PI's for profit company. A good example of why understanding Free Culture as a social movement is relevant to Digital Humanities.

Whoever claims "kids today" know all about online scholarly communications has never had to explain the concept of expired security certificates to an undergrad.

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image description:

DM:"The dragon rests on a hoard of
PC:"We gather the town's wealth and
add it in. The dragon will surely create
jobs now."#GOPdnd

(there is a dragon illustration below)

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Still trying to figure out how to de-screen cap text without feeling like I'm being passive aggressive.

So I guess I'll practice being aggressive-aggressive?

Don't screen cap things when you could cut & paste them, comrades.

Hi scholars! Does anyone know of a relatively simple approach to measuring diversity in public discourse/debate? Diversity here means the number and breadth of alternative discourses. The opposite of diversity would be TINA ("there is no alternative").

Would be interesting to do some kind of comparisons about this, in different regions and possibly on different topics.

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Scholar Social

NOTICE: Registration on will be by invitation only from 2019 March 27 to 2019 April 3. (The administrator is defending their doctoral thesis on 2019 April 2, and wants to reduce the chances of surprises leading up to that date. Email scholar dot social at protonmail dot com if you want an invite.)

Federated microblogging for academics

Scholar Social is a microblogging platform for researchers, grad students, librarians, archivists, undergrads, academically inclined high schoolers, educators of all levels, journal editors, research assistants, professors, administrators—anyone involved in academia who is willing to engage with others respectfully.

We strive to be a safe space for queer people and other minorities in academia, recognizing that there can only be academic freedom where the existence and validity of interlocutors' identities is taken as axiomatic.

"An academic microblog that you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference"

"Official" monthly journal club!

(Participation is, of course, optional)

Scholar Social features a monthly "official" journal club, in which we try to read and comment on a paper of interest.

Any user of Scholar Social can suggest an article by sending the DOI by direct message to and one will be chosen by random lottery on the last day of the month. We ask that you only submit articles that are from *outside* your own field of study to try to ensure that the papers we read are accessible and interesting to non-experts.

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