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infolit, double-blind peer review 

gender, "inclusive" fail 

Theory is not universal, and academics who present theory as true and undebatable are doing a disservice to theory.

Specifically, I am speaking of gender studies, which often excludes nonbinary people from discourse or places us within the GNC category. Needs to stop cause I gotta lot of cis people telling me they know what's happening with me.

pet cemetery 

OSX: You must do some arcane key presses to access the hidden advanced features

Windows: You must do some arcane key presses to get the most basic functionality of your computer working again

Linux: You must become an arcane key press

wishing I could make an Espers - meets - Forest Swords kinda autumnal ep 

conference experience, ~ 

Are you a Mac developer that believes in our project? We have hit a brick wall with our macOS #Glimpse port and have a severe lack of Apple users in our project to unblock it!

More details here:

Contribution links:

I wrote a very personal piece about being an Asian American archaeologist for Sister STEM and Science Rising's latest series on politics, identity, and STEM.

modest punk proposal 

book curator discourse 

work gripe 

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