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CryptPad v3.8.0 introduces the ability to suppress notifications from users that annoy you and to invite users to teams via one-time-use links. This is our last release of the year, as we'll be taking some time to gear up for 2020!

academic writing 

TFW your article proposal modulates from analytical to fiery and you simultaneously realize you've discovered what you want to say AND wonder whether it'll be better suited to a blog post than a peer-review process

I'm the series editor for a series of for Introduction to Philosophy courses, and we now have two books published (out of nine planned)!

Philosophy of Mind:


"service" disposition, emotional labor 

What kicked this frustration up to the point of posting about it is that the third person in here, a different faculty member, just thanked her "librarians" (sweepingly referring both to me and the non-library worker in the library space).

That's… maybe a cue? Like, maybe the other person could be self-aware and ask if I need anything on that machine?

But we're a service profession. And I'm the Outreach Librarian.

So I'm here instead.

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"service" disposition, emotional labor 

The computer in that cubicle has got all the library-related software I need on it ready to go, but she's clearly hunkered down for grading.

"What the everloving eff," is what I'd like to ask, but since I'm anxious about $otherStuff & unmedicated today, I don't trust that I'll be able to modulate my voice & facial expression sufficiently to be collegial.

So instead I'm on my personal laptop in a different cubicle since I'll be gone in a couple hours.

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"service" disposition 

Petty & frustrating: we have a single cubicle reserved for library workers in one of the shared cubicle farms used for staff & instructors. It's got a HUGE "library" sign, plus a ton of library-related decorations.

I reserved the space online in our shared calendar, I show up, the rest of the cubicles are empty, and an instructor who's most certainly not a librarian is in there.

The rest are empty.

Making the Fediverse more resistant to embrace, extend, extinguish 

Scholar Social has had the following in its Terms for the last ~ 8 months:

> Scholar Social will suspend any instance launched, acquired or funded by Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, or Elsevier.

Does your instance have a similar policy?

Please do not reply until after you have read and understood the following:,

Reality doesn't have a consistent API for Humans to consume. Each one has a stack of their own perception hacks that kinda work for the most part. Some are passed down, others written on-the-fly, none are left untouched

No wonder interpretations vary

time / attention management (monthly todo text files for you, if you want them!) 

Spent a couple hours making 2020 versions of the text files I use as a sort of lo-fi attention management system / daily todo list. Added some chatty documentation, too.

If that kinda thing sounds useful to you, they're yours to try out:

adhd; poor memory; text files are rad 

Trying to mentally prep for a meeting where I'll ask a prof to effectively chair my dissertation committee, so I decided to "search in project" for some keywords related to what I think will be my project.

…apparently I wrote an entire conference paper about Delaney & information? in my 1st semester? and this same prof described my proposal as "intriguing", "sophisticated," & worth actually delivering to an audience of experts?

I remembered None of This.

knowing what my procrastination avoids 

Also, I'm aware I should probably be focusing my time on how to propose my project to potential committee members… but that's a different kind of stress, especially after how my last committee did not work out well.

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spacecadet web development 

For a couple days I'd been trying to figure out why the new Jekyll `link` syntax wasn't working with my site as I'm trying to upgrade it…

Finally realized the upgraded site theme is still at ~3.8, which predates the breaking changes that come along with 4.0.

It's probably a good thing that I don't have to deal with this sort of detail in my daily work? Or maybe I'd get better at it?

adhd, ~ 

Less ironic update: the grad program advisor agrees that 3 of my post-MA seminars from UC Riverside should apply to my course of study here, and now the long-dreaded Transfer Paperwork is going to the Program Chair!

So with the appropriate signatures, I might be done with classes & need to start putting together a qualifying exam committee (?!).

(plus a language exam & two teaching externships, but hey… progress.)

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adhd, ~ 

Uh… so… as I'm about half an hour into crafting a social media post for our library about resources we have related to ADHD Awareness Month, it dawns on me that November & October are in fact entirely(!) different(!) months.

In very related news, I've got a solid start on a post for next year's ADHD Awareness Month!

effective pedagogy in history 

Does anyone know of material similar to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning which is a bit more international (vs. based in one Anglo country), concrete ("here are some ways to engage the 200-400 students in a survey"), and evidence-based (not based on moralistic rhetoric and uncited appeals to 'science')

link to peer reviewed, open access article on libraries, ICE, and information surveillance 

I don't regularly post about the articles published with the journal I help edit, but today's article touches on so many things (privacy, information capitalism, supply chain ethics, privacy by design principles, vocational awe, etc.) that I can't help myself.

Sarah Lamdan, "Librarianship at the Crossroads of ICE Surveillance": inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.or

terminal & writing humor 

tired: nano wrimo
wired: emacs wrimo
inspired: spacevim wrimo

As a medical research ethicist, I decided to carve the scariest thing I could think of into my pumpkin this year

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